LRHS Choir News - May 2020

Please read the entire newsletter - lots of important stuff!

UNIFORM RETURN - and other items

Thursday - May 14, 3:00-6:00 pm

Friday - May 15, 3:00-6:00 pm

Return uniform items and any money still due (choir fee, popcorn, TMEA). I will set up in front of the school outside Entry 17 (by the choir room). There will be boxes or trash cans to drop the uniforms in and money turn in envelopes. You can also drop off folders if you took them home or any "real" music you might have. Especially the Rutter GLORIA, Chorale. That music is borrowed.

  • Uniforms DO NOT need to be cleaned before returning. We take care of that.
  • Remember that only tux pants and coats belong to the school. Not tux shirts or ties.
  • Contact me if there are issues with these times.

Choir Fee or other money due:

  • Check email/Remind for balance due reminders. It might come individually or as a list with just ID#s.
  • You can bring a check (made out to LRHS Choir Boosters) to Uniform Return or send a digital payment straight to the Booster Club. (I'll send Venmo information through Remind.)

Uniform (and more) Drop-off - Day 1

Thursday, May 14th, 3-6pm

101 Day Miar Road

Mansfield, TX

In front of Entry 17.

Uniform (and more) Drop-off - Day 2

Friday, May 15th, 3-6pm

101 Day Miar Road

Mansfield, TX

In front of Entry 17.


I will be posting our Broadway music on Noteflight. This is new to most of you. I am sorry for that, but it will be an easier way to practice for music we haven't looked at together. Students who have used it before like it. The sheet music will display and you can navigate through it - and the music will play. You can turn different parts on and off to practice.

I will create a tutorial video to help you see how to make it work.

  • URL: https://lake-ridge-choir.sites.noteflight.com/
  • Username will be your FULL NAME (FIRST LAST). It should be what you go by in class, but I could have missed some. let me know if you have a problem.
  • Password - eaglessing
  • We won't use all the music that is currently there.

I will ask you to record your part to one song so I can combine them into a "performance". Pay attention to instructions when they are posted. Especially your login information. And how to record when it is time. Look for this soon.

UIL, TOO - I will also ask you to record one of your UIL songs. That may require another track in addition to what is already on the SoundCloud link we were using.


I still want to have a year-end slide show. That means we need pictures. But we haven't had a lot of the activities we have pictures of - so use anything you can find of choir kids. For this year - let's use any pictures from your years in high school choir. Let's have an epic 4-year slide show! Every class has an assignment already in Google Classroom. Just attach photos to that assignment. You can upload multiple times. Make sure you attache files not links.

Seniors - you should already know what to do with your pictures. Use the SENIOR Google Classroom.


I'm not sure if any summer camps will happen this year. But if you want to get the TMEA music packet for next year as soon as possible, let me know through Remind. I have ordered the packets, but the music will not even be announced until June 1. I will let you know as soon as I have it.
Big picture


Please let me know your plans for next year in this form below. If you choose to audition, the sight-reading and singing assignments we are doing now will be your audition. CLICK BELOW


Here are links to two opportunities some of you might find interesting. Deadlines for both are May 22.

  • One is a virtual Solo-Ensemble Contest. If you had prepared your solo and still want to perform it for a judge and a rating, here is a chance.
  • The other is participating in Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir 6. (I also provide a link to one of the earlier Virtual Choir projects.) This is a cool project, but it does require a lot of preparation on your part. Look it over. May 22, 2:00 pm deadline.
Virtual Choir 2 - "Sleep"

See what the final project is like. There are several others that Mr. Whitacre has done as well.

If you didn't watch my video on Remind...

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