Tears of A Tiger

By Sharon M. Draper

Life can Change in Different ways

Brief Summary

In the book Tears of a Tiger by Sharon M. Draper, a former basketball player, and high school student, Robert Washington and a group of friends started at school after a basketball game victory. The group which contained Rob, Andy, Tyrone, B.J. and Gerald, were going to celebrate for winning the basketball game. The group of guys decided to go get some beers and drive around, buy it might have been a bad idea. At that time Andy was driving the cars and was drinking as well. They were all joking around and laughing and having a good time until the car started to sway and out of a sudden the car ran into a wall. Everyone got out except Rob. Andy heard Rob screaming and saw him in the flames that surrounded the whole car. Andy was trying to save him but Rob didn’t make it. After the accident the one that was mostly affected was Andy. He suffered the most because he thought that he killed Rob. He got depressed and eventually saw a psychologist and got some what better although he still had some tantrums in school. Andy kept having some issues during his life and had some bad moments as well.

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Andy Jackson

  • Great basketball player
  • Successful
  • Brave
  • Amusing
Andy was brave when he saved 3 of his friends and succeeded in saving their lives with a few bruises.