A Monotheistic religion


The followers of Christianity are called Christians. They have many beliefs and teachings, and these are them. We believe in prayer, sabith which is the day of rest on Sunday, trinity which is son of god, Jesus,holy son. the declaration of faith: salvation Thursday atoning sacrifice (for forgiveness of sin) of Jesus Christ (son of god) who died for sake of mankind sin and rose again three days later equals eternal life in heaven. Are sacraments and our traditions are baptism which marks Christian's entrance into the church, and holy community is when we share bread and wine to remember Jesus's last supper.

All Christians worship at a church. The people that lead us in worship are called minister, preacher,priest, or pastor. Like every other religion we have a holy book which we call a bible. Are Holidays may be familiar to you but if not I am going to tell you. Well first we have Christmas which means on December 25 we celebrate Jesus's birthday. Easter which is when we celebrate sacrificial death and resurrection of christ which allows believers to live with eternally in heaven. Some of the most holy city's in our religion are the church, additionally, Bethlehem which is the site of Jesus's birth. The common figure is Abraham who founded all the following Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. If you are christian you will believe all of the above.


The place of worship
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The cross

This shows the sign of our religion.
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This is a look at Christmas.
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Bethlaham is the birth place of Jesus
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Are worship leader

The people that lead us in worship in are churches are called priests.
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Holy book

the holy book of are religion is called the bible.
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End Questions

All three of these religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, all have the same common figure, his name is Abraham. No This is not Abraham Lincoln. Also these are all monotheistic religions.