Class of 2018

Welcome to 8th Grade Math!!!


-Married to Josh in November. That's him!------->

-Graduated from Texas Tech University

-Hiking, biking, fishing. I love the outdoors!!

-Love to travel. Took a summer vacation to Colorado.

-Love to play softball, run, read and watch the Rangers.

-This is my 6th year of teaching math at IMMS!!

How much homework will we have each week?

Answer: Every Monday and Wednesday you will have a homework assignment. That's right, you have one today!

What do I need to bring to class every day?
Answer: Binder with notebook paper, pencil, journal

If I forget to bring my homework or journal to class what happens?


  • Homework is 10 points off a day. If you don't turn it in you will receive a detention and parent call home. Assignments done in pen receive a 5 point deduction.
  • Forgetting your journal results in a detention to make up what you missed. DO NOT FORGET YOUR JOURNAL!!

Student Expectations and Commitment

  • Each student is expected to be on time to class.
  • Each student is expected to be prepared for class(journal, pencil, binder).
  • Each student is expected to create a positive and safe learning environment.
  • Each student is expected to give 100%. Everything you have. Your very best.

You don't have to be the best, you just have to do your best.

Parent Signature______________________________

Student Signature_____________________________

Questions for Parents/Guardians


Relation to the Student_____________________________

Phone Numbers___________________________________


  1. What is the best way to contact you?___________________________________________
  2. What is the best time to reach you?_____________________________________________
  3. How did your student do in math last year? Were they in PreAP?____________________________________________________________________________
  4. Are you able to help your student with their math at home?________________________
  5. Is there any information that you can provide that would better help me to support your student in the classroom?______________________________________________________________