Claudia Hurtado

What is it?

Stress is a feeling that is created when we react to certain events. The reaction is the way the body prepares itself for tough situations.

Good OR Bad?

Stress isn't all bad. There is good stress too. When you worry about things, you might think you're stressed out. But it could be good. Worrying about things that ARE necessary to get you ready for a situation, can be good. Also, good stress can protect us from tougher situations.

Hurry and Get Rid Of Stress

Don't let stress do this {Anger, hurting people/things, developing eating disorders, abuse (drugs,ect), depression} Are all responses from stress. Don't let this harm you or others. Get help, talk to someone!

How to Handle Stress

There are many simple ways to handle or relieve stress.

1) Exercise- uses stress hormones

2) Sleep- get 9 hours a sleep

3) Manage time- DONT BE A BUSY BEE! Have Fun!!!

4) Be healthy- eat right, develop a healthy diet. That you enjoy!

5) Talk to someone about this who understands.

6) Take a breather- There are many different ways of breathing activities. My favorite is the 4x4.

For even more tips, visit the following.

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