Primary vs Secondary Sources

By: Skylar & Murren

Primary Source

- eye witness

- direct observations

- comes from the same time period

Ex. diaries, letters, autobiograpghies, clothing, buildings

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Secondary Source

- describing a primary source

- not from the same time period

- like a review of historical events

- some steps are removed or moved

Ex. encyclopedias and history textbooks

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- firsthand or secondhand

- how direct it is

- original documents = primary

- interpreted = secondary

- during vs after scene

- origin of source

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Topic- 9/11 (How it Happened)

Primary Source- President's Speech on Day Of 9/11

>the night of 9/11

>still in recovery

>President saw it himself

Secondary Source- Scholastic News Article

>describes what happened

>shows thoughts and memories

The website shows President Bush's speech to the people on the night of 9/11.
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Topic- Apartheid in South Africa (What Effects it Had on SA)

Non-Example of a Primary Source- Encyclopedia Britannica Article on Apartheid

>describes like a textbook and what happened

>was written on 8-25-14

>continues to be updated

Non-Example of a Secondary Source- Diary of the Apartheid

>takes place from 1968-1969

>was written by someone who experienced it firsthand (Tom Newnham)

>not based on someone else's work

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Ways to Remember




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