Trying Out Smore!

It's a service to send out nice emails to lists of folks

Hi Linda!

I got to thinking about how you want to be able to send out emails to instructors, principals etc. Debbie and Donna use this service with folks in Texas. I thought maybe you could use it too. I am exploring the interface and so far it is pretty simple to use. The designs for the emails are very fresh and catchy.

This is really easy to edit!

Ok am impressed so far...

It is seriously easy to edit this thing. Each section you just click on and it pops up a little editor box. After I get done with this will probably get to see how it handles bringing in lists of emails. This will be the make it or break it for this service.

Wow it lets you put in videos from YouTube!

GE Happy New Year

Alright just about done...

Now on to see the rest of how this works. The editor is really quite nice. When I added the video it put it at the bottom but I was able to drag it up to where I wanted.

Now I envision you using something like this for those more personal emails that you send out. I do not think we should use this for general promotion - it will probably not like our giant email list because of spam issues. But for smaller lists like you will normally use it should work.

Ok finishing up here. The editor really is intuitive to use - kinda fun in fact. On to the list management part. Hope it works as good as the editor!

Ok in conclusion...

Alright I sent me a test message and took a gander at the mailing list manager. It is really easy to use - even beats MailChimp like the Texas girls related.

Now one thing that is different, and not necessarily bad, is Smore converts all the email into images pretty much so the recipient has to click show images in their email client. Worked fine in gmail and outlook for me. The video does not play in the email client but becomes a nice link to the video on YouTube. I know the rationale behind converting - it pretty much guarantees that your email will look like it does here no matter what email client the recipient has with the added bonus of printing very very well. Believe me getting email designed that does not look all messed up in one client or the other is tough - web browser have a set of standards they follow - email clients do not.