19th Century Industrial Revolution


1800's Economy surge evidence

In the 1800's there were many revolutions,one being transportation. For example trains and steamboats

Were inovations for the the time. These traveling methods changed people's lifestyles by allowing them to trade,transport people and goods between every major city. "This created a boom in business across the Eastern United states because of reduced shipping times

and costs".

Another reason why the 19th Century was successful bomming with business was because factories hired young unmarried women from farms to do hard labor. One example from Excerpt from a Letter from Mary Paul, Lowell mill girl, December 21, 1845 would be "Last Thursday one girl fell down and broke her neck, which caused instant death. She was going in or coming out of the mill and slipped down, it being very icy".

Finally during the 19th century everything was made by industries Because it was inexpensive and fast one example is "Before 1800 the making of clothes was very time consuming and took many people" another piece of evidence that supports my claim would be "As factories and mills were established the way people worked changed drastically".

transportation in 19th Century

Working conditions in 1800's

Manifacturing and industry

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Factories and textile mills