Policy Reminder

Academic Honesty

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So, your classmate comes up to you, all looking like this:

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What should you do? This is your friend? They just want to work together on this translation. What's the harm?

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I wanted to take a moment to elaborate the policy on working together. To put it very succinctly: don't. The work you turn in must be your own work, not someone else's work, and not the work of a group working together. It cannot be a product of Google Translate or Bobby's brain (unless YOU are BOBBY!).

But, you say, I'm struggling. And working together has helped me to understand these concepts better. That's great news! Here's what you can do: email me to ask if I mind if you work together on trying to understand an assignment. More likely than not, if it's not a test or major project, I'll be OK with it. But if I find out after the fact that you worked together without asking first: I'm not so down with that.

To summarize:

1. Don't use Google Translate - under ANY circumstances

2. Don't work together on any translation, test, or project - those are all summative assessments and cannot be completed as group work.

3. If you want to work together on a daily work assignment, ask me first if it's OK.

4. If you are struggling with a concept: email me!!! It's what I do, you know - explaining things. Page me, call me - get ahold of your teacher if you need help in class!