Family Update 4

October 27, 2017

There Goes October!

Where has the time gone? Can you believe we are already done with the month of October! Nonetheless, we are happy to inform you that our friends have been achieving some great things these past couple of weeks. Here is a breakdown of the amazing things happening in 1B!


  • Tuesday, October 31 | BPCS Halloween Parade - 2-2:45pm
  • Friday, November 17 | Curriculum Share
  • Monday, November 20 - 24 | Thanksgiving Break | NO SCHOOL


Readers Workshop has had some crazy twists! Friends have met Ms. Garcia's twin sister, the fortune teller, who needs help predicting what is going to happen in the future. She brings her crystal ball that only lights up when friends are making predictions from books they are reading as well as connections. This past week, students were introduced to the concept of making a text-to-self connection. We read Bailey Goes Camping and spoke about how Bailey was too young to go camping and how this reminded some of our 1B friends how they were not able to do something they really wanted to do because they were too young. Some friends mentioned they were "too little to get on a roller coaster, too young to go to a pajama party, or too young to join their older cousins for a party." We then discussed how the character was feeling and how this reminded them of a time they felt sad or that a situation was unfair. As they raised their hands and told the fortune teller their life experiences, the crystal ball kept lighting up in different colors to let these friends know the ball could also be used to see something that happened in the past!


In these past weeks, we began our Narrative unit where our friends began to come up with small moment stories that happened to themselves. These small moments focused on a small part of their life. To support our writers in identifying the difference between a small moment and a big topic, we introduced the idea of thinking about a big watermelon as the "big topic" and the seeds in a watermelon as our "small moments." We read mentor texts like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and Roller Coaster where authors "zoomed in" on a specific small moment and details are stretched out to create a visual for readers. Moving forward, friends will be encouraged to pick 1 small moment story and elaborate on who they were with, where they went, and what happened in their story by adding action and a more thorough setting. Please encourage your child to tell you about their small moment stories and how they can make them come to life on paper!


We have officially started interclass mathblock! Students from both first grade classes come together and experience station teaching with the first grade teachers (two in each class). For the past two weeks we were reviewing 2D shapes during Core Math lessons and Math Block activities. Students exhibited solid knowledge of shape attributes, we moved on to composing new shapes (composites) and decomposing complex shapes. For instance, we created a chart and asked our friends to find different ways to decompose a hexagon. Students came up with a variety of strategies like merging 6 triangles, or 1 trapezoid and 3 triangles, or putting together 3 rhombuses, They internalized the rule that there should not be any overlaps or gaps. In the next week we will be moving onto 3D shapes and enhance our students’ knowledge of Geometry.

During Number Stories sessions, students were introduced to subtraction. We used reach visuals and clear language in order for children to fully perceive the new concept. For instance, we compared expressions “all together” and “more/less than”, which carry opposite meaning and, as a result, opposite operations (addition and subtraction respectively).

The most important area we are focused on is students’ ability to organize their work and present their strategies to classmates.

At home we suggest to engage children in conversations were you incorporate phrases “more”, “more than”, “less”, and “less than”. For example, “Mary, we need 6 eggs for this pancake recipe. Unfortunately, we have only 2 eggs in the fridge. How do you think, how many more eggs do we need to buy?”

Inquiry Time!

During Inquiry time our friends have begun to conduct their own Family Interviews. We started this project by explaining how our Principal Mr.Saunders had to interview myself and Anastasiia in order for him to get to know us better and see if we were able to teach at Brooklyn Prospect. He asked us where we have taught and about our experiences working with other teachers and students. We had a discussion about how we learned so much about the teachers and students we worked with and we also met so many families. The students were then able to give their own interviews to other friends and learn about how many members were in their immediate family, how many pets they have, what special foods they eat, and what holidays they celebrate with their families



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Help Students in Puerto Rico!

You and your student can support BPCS' partner Escuela Luis M Santiago (K-8th grade) in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico!

Step 1: Supplies/Funding

PARENTS: Make an online donation here or log on to Amazon Smile to order any of the supplies on the wish list. Spread the word and send the links to your friends and family. Be sure to check if your company has a matching program! Please donate by November 5th, 2017!

Step 2: Pack the backpacks

On November 10, each student will have the opportunity to fill a backpack and include a personal, handwritten note/drawing.

Step 3: Ship the backpacks

Backpacks will be shipped to Toa Baja in Puerto Rico after November 13, 2017.

Muchisimas Gracias!!

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Family ART/Recipe Book Project

In conjunction with Grade One’s IB Inquiry International Families, we are working on a class ART/Recipe Book. To be sure all students and families are fully represented, we are asking each family to submit the following by Nov 6th:

  1. A family recipe (It could have family significance of some kind. Please attach electronic file saved as Student’s first name, Class, Recipe (ie. Divianny 1B Recipe) to an email with a relevant subject line. See example below.

  2. A photo of family making or eating the recipe together. Please attach electronic file saved as Student’s first name, Class, Recipe (ie. Divianny 1B Photo of family making Cookies)


Students will create a family portrait in ART class.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact

Additionally, if you have experience doing layout design, please contact

The Nov 6th deadline is firm. Please understand that material received after that day will not make it in the book due to time constraints.

Many thanks!

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First graders are shaping up in dance by creating dances based on shapes! Angular, straight or curvy, dancers are learning to recognize and embody line and form through explorative play. Some of their favorite explorations include "Musical Shapes" and 7 jumps. Please see a few captured moments below. Also play the linked song, if you'd like your child to teach you the dance at home.


Grade One artists have been working hard in ART! Check out our Frank Stella line sculptures hanging on the eighth floor. In the studio, we’ve moved on from line to shapes! You can draw anything using shapes! Artists are using trapezoids, rhombuses, triangles, hexagons, etc. to draw animals (and complex things). They even tried building the animals with pattern blocks borrowed from math!! When we start our family collages inspired by Romare Bearden, we will apply this drawing concept.

Please be sure to submit a recipe and photo of you and your student preparing or enjoying your recipe (to! Remember the absolute final deadline for a recipe is Nov. 6th. : )


Ms. Walsh and Ms. Drew

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