Malcolm Fraser Quiz

By Riahn Jackman


1. What was Malcolm Fraser's favourite hobbies?

a. Fishing and photography

b. Football and cricket

c. Soccer and fishing

2. What did he Spend his First ten Years as?

a. Speaker

b. Backbencher

c. Senate

3. what was his most famous quote?

a. 'Life wasn't meant to be easy'.

b. 'If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way'.

c. 'You were born to make mistakes not to fake perfection'.

4. When did Malcolm Fraser die?

a. 17th of January 2015

b. 4 of September 2014

c. 20th of March 2015

5. How long did Malcolm Fraser serve as Prime Minister?

a. 1964 to 1989

b. 1975 to 1983

c. 1952 to 1979