Burning Luther's Bible

Heather Pierre

Who are the people invloved?

The people involved of the Luther Bible book burning is Martin Luther (protagonist) and Pope Leo X and the Roman Catholic Church (antagonist)

What happened during this cultural genocide?

Martin Luther has angered the Roman Catholic church, especially the Pope.The Roman Catholic Church has been oppressing on the people that The Pope is the only person that can save your souls, and has restricting people from worshiping god in their own way. Luther has been angered by the sales of indulgences, and posted the 95 theses, listing all the problems he has with the Church. He also wrote the German translation of the New testament, then the whole bible. People now has the access to read the Bible as well, and soon they found out that the teachings of the Roman Catholic church were wrong. There were many revolts among the people. The Pope's reaction of this is that he charged Luther with Heresy and forced him to burn his books or else severe punishment will follow him."Rome burned Luther's writing. His points were seized by the humanist of the day and became the hot topic of discussion. It took three months for a copy of the bull to reach the reformer. Luther showed his disdain for the pope's decision by burning the Bull along with several books by popes."(Graves)
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Where did the action take place?

This took place in The Holy Roman Empire in the continent of Europe.
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Why was the Roman Catholic Church going after Martin Luther and his Followers?

The Roman Catholic Church was going after Luther and his followers for 3 main reasons. To start off, The Church felt that Luther was out to destroy the church." The Bull compared Martin Luther to a wild boar from the forest that sought to destroy the Church... The bull condemned 41 things taught by Luther."(Graves) Secondly, Luther put down the ways of the Roman Catholic Church."Luther condemned the excesses and corruption of the Roman Catholic Church... "(History.com) Lastly, Luther "Triggered the Reformation with his protest against the sales of indulgences"(Robinson) Overall, the Church saw him as a threat and tried to make him burn his own writing, but he refused and was soon excommunicated. This was a conflict of religious groups. (Catholics and the Protestants)