Iroquoian first nation people

by Taylor the Iroquois planting corn,beans and squash


The Iroquoian first nation did not migrate in search of food. Excellent farmers these southern people harvested annual food crop of, corn,beans and squash more than met their needs. Iroquoian first nation [now known as the haudenosaunee ,or people of the longhouse]to found permanent communities and gave them the leisure time to develop complex systems of government based on democratic principles.The Huron-wendat,for example,had a tree - tier political system, consisting of village councils,tribal councils and the confederacy council.All councils made decision on a consesus basis,with discussion often going late into the night untill everyone reached agreemer.

food resources

Ever though the haudenosaunee had plenty of meat ,fish and fowl available to them in the wild ,they lived mainly on their own crops-corn,beans and squash, which were caled "the three sister."The men deared the land for planting ,chopping downtrees and cutting the brush, while the womens pleated ,tended and harvested the crops. Ather about 10 years , when the land because exhausted,the people would relocate and new fields.


The haudenosaunee had relatively permanet vilages.The longhouse was the most striking feature in an haudenosaunee village.This structucture consisted of an inverted u shape made of poles,which were then covered with slabs of bark. Longhouse were usually about to metres wide,10metres high and 25 metres 25 long . Each longhouse was he aded by a powerful matriarch who over saw her extended family,s day-to-day affaires.

modes of transportation

some haudenosaunee also built bark-covere conoes however,these first nation mainly travelled by land .Exceptional runners,the haudenosaunee could cover extremely long distances in a very shot time.the iroquian first nation used snow shoes in the winter to travel around.


all first first across the country ,with the exception of the pacific coast ,made their clothing - usually tunics leggings and moccasins -of tanned animal skin.woodland and northern firs nation used moose,deer or caribou skin to made clothing.

spiritual beliefs

all first nation believed that their values and traditions were gifts from the of the most important and most common teachings was that people should live in keeping with their farming culture ,the haudenosaunee held six to eight festivals haudenosaunee a year relating to the cultivation of the soil and ripeing of fruits and berries .There was a seven-day festivel to give thanks when corn was planted for for example,and another when it was green a third festival was harvestewd.