By: Lara Segovia


Ants work hard for survival. Luckily, ants are super strong, which helps them get used to all of their very hard tasks, which they do every single day.


Ants work hard for food. They carry leaves with their mandibles, which they bring to the ant hill.The leaves turn into leaf paste, the leaf paste grows fungus, which they eat. They put the leaf paste that can not grow fungus anymore into a special chamber. The leaf paste decomposes and gives nutrients to plants, so they can grow. Then, the cycle starts over again


Ants work to build to build their shelter. To make an ant hill, they have to chew dirt with their jaws /mandibles. I really would not want to have to chew dirt to survive! Then, their saliva helps it make little bricks. The ants pack the bricks to reinforce their tunnels. As they make room for the bricks, they make a pile of excess dirt, which slowly forms their home, an ant hill.


Ants are strong. They can carry more than ten times their weight! That's a lot, isn't it? The average elephant can only carry a fifth of its weight. They can also dig up sixteen billion tons of dirt.That's the same as three billion dump trucks!


Overall, ants are magnificent creatures. They work longer than we do. Even when you think you can not work anymore, just remember that you are not an ant, and that you are lucky you do not have to work as hard as them!