Coakley's Corner

January 19th - 23rd


Prayer Week - Prayer week begins Monday 19th, we will like to use Wednesday as a day of prayer for our fifth grade. We are encouraging that we do not eat junk food for that day. Water and fruits for snack - a form of fasting! We invite all parents to join us with the fruits and vegetables for this day and to lift the fifth grade teachers, parents, and students in pray on this day.

All school Convocation - Students are to come in complete uniform. Parents are invited to join us.

Prayer Meeting - There will be a prayer meeting on Wednesday morning at 7:30am. We are inviting parents to join us.

Guidance retreat - January 26th, if you have not done so already, please return the forms so we can have a food count. Monies do not have to be brought in until the date indicated on the form.

Sweet Abaco! - Forms due Monday, January 19th 2015

Fiesta 2015

This year at the PTA fair, I would like to have a booth/tents. There we will sell candies and give mini manicures. We need donations for the candies, not just any kind, we want the fun kind! Please consider donating to the booth. All funds will go directly back into 5TC to buy supplies and items that has been on my class wish list for a while! I will send a list of candies we want, consider donating the funds, I would like to order some online to get some that are not easily found here in Nassau!

Mathematics Videos

Math Antics - Simplifying Fractions
Math Antics - Types of Fractions
Equivalent Fractions-Christine Munafo's Flipped Classroom-4th grade STEM

We are in desperate need of the following!