Mrs. Thinnes' Newsletter

March 21st, 2016

Classroom Curriculum

Writer's Workshop - Children are growing as poets! This week we will be introduced to song writing.
Reader's Workshop - As readers we are focused on identifying the main idea. We will also be building our own word walls full of vocabulary we encounter across genres.
Math workshop - Children will be using their knowledge of place value to begin adding two digit numbers together. (ex. 24 + 35)
Science - We are exploring 'makerspace' this week. Children will explore new materials and they create and invent new things!

Class Calendar

Mon. March 21st - snack - MJ
encore - guidance
Tues. March 22nd - snack - Noah
encore - art 2
Wed. March 23rd -
snack - Jonah
encore - chinese
Thurs. March 24th -
snack - McKenzi
*early dismissal
*9:15 - Egg hunt