Gulf Shores, Alabama

The Definition Of Awesome

The Sites

There are so many things you can see in Gulf Shores. Stuff from the U.S.S. Alabama to wild life in the ocean. It depends when you go there, but you can see Dolphins, Crabs and Sting Rays. There is also huge hotels and small cool looking condos.

The Beaches

The beaches there go on for miles down there. They are mixed like one part is shelly and one part is soft. When you sit on the beach not only do you get the feel of the sand, but also the cool and relaxing ocean breeze. The beaches also have a variety of incline. The beaches are so cool too.


The restaurants down there are mostly sea food, but you can still find burgers down there. There are a variety of restaurants down there from Burger King to Lambert's Cafe. My favorite restaurant down there is Lambert's Cafe. At some restaurants you can sit out on a deck and watch the sunset while you are eating.
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There are many types of housing in Gulf Shores. There are condos and hotels. They can be run down or in great condition, they can be beach front or not. The condo my family stays in is called the Sand Piper. The rooms in the Sand Piper are just fine and the right temperature, but once you go outside you can feel the immediate difference from the inside to the hot and humid out side.

What You Do

You can do a variety of things in Gulf Shores. You can swimming or you can go site seeing. The things that my family does besides go swimming is go so veneer shopping. At the end of each trip my family always gets new shirt to remind us of that year. You also watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the beach.
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"The sunrises are betuful" - Mom

"I like feeling the white sand between toes" - Kelsie

"I love food, the condoes and the ocean" - Me

Gulf Shores, Alabama (Aerial Video)

Additional Commets

I love there some of there restaurants down there especially Lambert's Cafe.

You get sunburn there a lot. Bring sunscreen!!

The Ocean is awesome too.