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May 14, 2018: Heading for Home

A Powerful Way to End the School Year: Students Map Their Learning

This article from Edutopia gives an example of an interesting way to have students reflect on their year of learning. You could easily modify it for your own classes; you could also have students see if they can make connections among all of their subjects. In addition, this activity draws upon some recent brain research that emphasizes brain retrieval: how we call upon things we've placed in our memory can be as important as how we put things in to begin with!


Conference information can be found on our special site, or linked on the IMLEA website. You may also register now or reserve hotel rooms at our special conference rate. The keynote with Ben Glenn will be on Sunday, September 16, with six different sessions on Monday the 17th.

If you know you are sending a team of five (which is a nice price break), but are not sure which educators will attend, you can use the same name five times, get the early bird rate, and update the names later.

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Big picture
Jac-Cen-Del Jr-Sr High School recently celebrated earning their first designation as a School to Watch. In addition to musical performances and other student involvement, they were also congratulated by their State Senator, Chip Perfect (pictured) and Representative Randy Frye among others. Principal Daryl Werner (also pictured) had an excellent article in our spring newsletter explaining how they used the STW process and community involvement to enhance their opportunities for students.
Beth Smith has written an outstanding article demonstrating the intersection of service learning and STEM. Vicki Boles, PE and Health Teacher at Maple Crest STEM Middle School in Kokomo, became very involved with service learning as a student council advisor. She has since created a class, "STEM Philanthropy 101," that incorporates these principles into each lesson. The students assess and address community needs while designing and completing their projects. You may find this article and past Spotlight on Service posts on our website under generationOn, as well on IASP's Indianagram.

How Do You Measure Student Engagement? One Idea to Try

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I recently saw this intriguing diagram several times on Twitter, so I did some research to find out more about it, and to get permission to use it in our newsletter. This led me to math teacher David Sladkey at Naperville Central High School. You can read about how he developed and uses this; odds are, like me, you will fall into the rabbit hole of exploring many useful and thought-provoking posts from his blog and Twitter. In addition to many resources about math, he has examples of Brain Breaks and even some books he has written.

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