Tomczak times

Anthony Tomczak

Recess at Bay View

During recess at bay view on Wednesday, there were people playing football and four square. It was a cold day, but they still played. Some of The people who were playing football were nick, Garrett, Tristan, Cameron, Michael, Taylor, and many others. In the game, Tristan's team won in football. Everyone had fun.

Discovery World Field Trip

On Monday, April 15, the Aquarius house went on a field trip to discovery world. The trip started out with a long, boring, non-electronic, 2 hour bus ride. We went there to take notes on many topics and learn new things. There were many stations, like the fish tanks, music room, the dream machine, a Nichola tesla presentation, and many more. Zach Johnson said "my favorite part would be the fish or the dream machine". Everybody had a fun time at discovery world.

Science at Bay View

During science class on Thursday at Bay View, Mrs.Swinford had her class do an activity with Oreos. We had to use Oreos to show how the tectonic plates move around in the lithosphere. You had to take pictures of the ways the tectonic plates moved and explain what they were. At the end, everybody got to eat their delicious Oreos.
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