I Even Funnier

By: James Patterson

Reviewed by Taylor

Jamie is going to the planet's funniest kid contest. ( there is a first book to). He likes a girl but she got a boyfriend. He calls the girl Cool Girl but she got a boyfriend that Jamie calls Cool boy. Jamie had got to the semifinals but he could not go for a reason that you will find out in the book.= -( Jamie is sad that he can not go to the semifinals. But somehow he did the semifinals. How do you ask? Read the book and find out! Do you he makes it to the finals and where are the finals?

In my opinion,

This book is very funny. Especially Jamie, he is the funniest of them all. And it teaches a very good lesson. The leston is never give up. It is a good leston because we could always use it when we are down (aka sad). And he is sad to because he lost the use of his legs.

= -( But he never gave up so he somehow (again) he made it to the semifinals.

And Jamie is a of the semifinals, Oops I can’t tell you!!!! Find out when you read =-) err sorry.

I recommend,

I Funny the 1st book and I Totally funniest.