News From Room 8

Our Second Grade Learning Journey

Classroom Community

We completed Week 3 of the Global Kind Project this week. Our focus this week was on empathy. Some questions we discussed included: What is empathy and why is it important? What can help us really understand someone better (rather than thinking we understand someone)? What makes it hard to do this? We shared ways that we tried to have empathy on the playground and in the lunchroom this week, as these are two places where we have noticed students need kindness the most! We talked about how hard it can be to have empathy for someone who is not nice to us....but we need to be the ones to try to break the cycle and to reach out with kindness.

It's hard to believe we only have 7 more days to go! This will be my final formal flyer for the school year, but I will still send some emails with important end of the year updates throughout the last week.

Curriculum Corner

In reading workshop, readers chose a focus topic/question that they were interested in learning more about this week. They tried to generate several questions they had about their topics and then used nonfiction texts, articles, and videos to answer their questions and learn more about their topics. We practiced paraphrasing information and writing it in our own words (this is still challenging). Readers were excited to search for nonfiction books on the app EPIC! This would be a great app to use at home this summer to encourage reading. Our class code is : HSC-7492. Your child should only access his/her profile.

Writers spent most of the writing workshop time researching and taking notes about their inquiry (passion project) topics. Today, we brainstormed different ways we might share out all of our new learning, like making a poster, creating a book using book creator, and more. Next week, everyone will have a chance to share out about their new learning.

Mathematicians practiced elapsed time this week. Many mathematicians found that using a "clock number line" was helpful when solving these types of problems. Instead of using a round clock, the number line presents all the hours in a day in a number line format, starting with 12 a.m at the left end and ending with 11 p.m. on the right side. Mathematicians completed the end of unit test this week as well. Tests will be returned next Monday. This was our last formal math unit. We will not have any more tests this year.

Scientists explored soil this week as we made our own homemade soil and then compared it to some local soil that we collected from the Lines School garden. Our homemade soil was made of humus (pronounced "hew-mus"), sand, pebbles, and gravel. When we compared the homemade soil to the local soil, we noticed some differences such as the color of the soil, the materials in the soil, and the feeling of the soil. We now realize that not all soil is the same.