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Bringing people together through sports!

About Sports For Everyone

  • 501(c)(3) organization

  • Started in 1991

  • Currently focusing on bringing sports to the people of Africa

  • Providing children with sports facilities and equipment

  • Offices in 7 countries around the world

Access to Sports Facilities and Equipment

There are many areas around the world that do not have the facilities and equipment to provide sports opportunities to children and families. Sports for Everyone partners with local communities and organizations to provide access for youth of all ages and families. 2,400,000 homeless people were recorded in main African cities in 2010. Sports can drop these numbers, especially in the rural areas, because it will give people new life. 70% of Africa’s population is rural (Rural Poverty). The rural population is poorly organized and often isolated (Rural Poverty). There is no game more global than that of soccer where the poor and destitute play on the same pitch with the rich and privileged (Travel Adventures). Soccer is a global sport that is available to anyone.

Health Benefits

By providing facilities and equipment, families will get more active, therefore improving health and fitness levels. While people are bonding and making friends, they are also improving their physical ability. They are getting both physically and emotionally active. People do not have sufficient income to purchase enough food (World Hunger). By building and funding sports facilities, jobs will be created to help individuals out financially. Sexual violence, unsafe school environments and inadequate sanitation disproportionately affect girls’ self-esteem, participation and retention in school (Africa). Girls are not treated as equals at schools but sport brings participation and fair environments for everyone.

Building Healthy Relationships

Team sports and activities are proven to improve social skills and teamwork. These lifelong skills will benefit individuals as they move into adult life as well. Learning to work with others for the best interest of the whole will provide lessons for future generations. Children with unstable family life and home situations will have a safe place to play and get to know others, building lasting friendships for life. What better way to acquire these skills than through sports! “Sport has the power to change the world,” Mandela said in a speech five years after that match. “It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” Nelson Mandella proved that sports can bring people together (New York Daily News). There is no better way to connect with locals than through sports (Travel Adventures). Conflict is a principal source of human misery, including poverty and hunger (World Hunger). So sports will limit conflict by teaching people to work together.

Economic Benefits

By working with local partners on building and renovation projects, the economy benefits through job creation and purchase of resources. Our company prides itself on using local contractors and utilization of locally produced products whenever possible. Some African people do not have sufficient income to purchase enough food (World Hunger). By building and funding sports facilities, jobs will be created to help individuals financially.

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