Springstroh Times

December 18, 2015

Everyday Math

Students have been working on developing their skills with multi-digit multiplication. They have been very successful with using their extended facts to find answers of challenging problems. The method we are using to teach multi-digit multiplication is the box method. See the video below for an example of how this method is completed.

**Ask your child to solve the following problems using the box method:

2 x 56

6 x 124

Multiplication Box Method Strategy


In Writer's Workshop we are beginning our new unit on writing argumentative emails. Students will be writing an email trying to persuade their reader that their conflict (Civil War/Revolutionary War) is the greatest conflict in American history.

**Ask your child about their argumentative email!

Be Connected to the Classroom

The Giving Tree

Thank you so much for the generous donations to the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry! We have a very large box under our tree and it is almost over flowing with generous donations. We will be accepting donations to the Fort Food Pantry until Tuesday, December 22nd.


This month Green Team is working with each grade level to collect unused pencils and gently used pens to donate for an organization called Right-to-Write. This organization donates the unused pencils and gently used pens to developing countries. These items are donated to schools, hospitals, orphanages, and more! Each grade level has a basket outside their classrooms to put these items in.

Green Team will be collected these items until Tuesday, December 22nd.

Important Dates to Remember

December 22nd - Holiday Party

December 23rd - January 3rd - Winter Break