Husky Highlights

May 17, 2020

A Note From Mrs. Duskey~

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to our Highlands Families. You have been amazing throughout this year of transition, first to our alternate location at Fort Boise and then to our Emergency Remote Learning Plan. Your support, compassion, and positive growth mindset through it all reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am to be a part of this school community.

While I am heartbroken that we did not end our school year the way we thought we would, I can't help but take pride in the grit and perseverance of our students. You are exceptional children and I cannot wait to see you in person again!

Have a wonderful summer break~ read, write, practice your math facts~ but most of all, enjoy the sun and have fun!

Final Paper Packet Pick Up~

For those families who requested the Paper Packets for our Remote Learning this final week, these will be available to you from 9:00 am - 11:00 am on Monday morning, May 18th, outside of the front doors of Highlands Elementary. Please observe the social distancing protocols as you pick up your packets.

Thank you!

Yearbook Pick Up~

We will be distributing yearbooks much like we did our mobile devices with Mrs. Cerchione and Mrs. Duskey stationed on the sidewalk by the front doors, Monday and Tuesday of this week~ May 18 and 19, from 12:30 - 3:00.

If you are unable to pick up your own yearbook and are sending a neighbor/friend, please email us at or to let us know. If you are unsure if you purchased a yearbook, you can also email Mrs. Cerchione and she will double check for you. (

Thank you!

Student Parade on May 22!

The Highlands Staff would like all families to participate in a farewell parade on the last day of school, May 22 from 3:00-4:00! In searching for a way to bring closure to the end of this year, the Highlands staff thought it would be nice if we had families drive through the Highlands campus via the Fort Boise drop off/pick up lane so that we may say good-bye to our students.

Staff will be positioned at least 6 feet apart from one another and six feet away from the vehicles along the route through the parking lot.

Cars will not be allowed to stop during the parade, nor will staff members be able to accept gifts from or give gifts to their students. We appreciate you following these guidelines!

We will continue to social distance and do our part to keep everyone safe while still taking this opportunity to say good-bye to our Husky Family!

For our 6th grade students... it would be wonderful if families wanted to decorate cars, make signs with your student's names on them, pictures, etc. celebrating their accomplishment of finishing elementary school. We are so proud of this class and would like to make sure they are recognized in our final school event of the year.

Parade Route:

We ask that you enter the campus from the Robbins Road entrance, drive through the pick up/drop off lane, continue through to the bus lane, around the outer perimeter of the parking lot and then exit onto Fort Street.

Report Card Envelopes~

Student report cards will be mailed home to families at the end of this week. You may expect these to arrive at your primary address the week of May 25th. In these envelopes you will find your child's report card, any appropriate certificates they may have earned as well as a surprise field trip admission ticket!

For our Kindergarten and First grade students, you will find a Boise Parks and Recreation Gift Card that will gain admittance to the Boise Zoo for your student. We hope that you will be able to use this sometime this summer and enjoy a field trip with family and friends!

For our Second Grade through Sixth Grade students, we have included an admit ticket to the Discovery Center! Again, it is our hope that you are able to enjoy an outing when they reopen and it is safe to do so.

A special gift for our Sixth Grade Students....

It was my plan to take our sixth grade class on an extra field trip this year, just for fun! This class is our only class that did not have the opportunity to celebrate their final year in our old building and will not be able to attend our new building as elementary students. Now, with our school closure~ they will not participate in our traditional celebration assembly.

In our hope to provide a little bit of joy in these uncertain times... we have included an admittance ticket to Wahooz Fun Center which includes the 3 Hour Youth Adventure! Our hope is that your sixth grade student may be able to enjoy this "field trip" at some point this summer with family and friends!

Mrs. Moore's Corner


Parents and students, now is a great time to continue playing football or to tryout for the first time. The coaching staff is a mix of returning and new coaches all with football experience. There is a strong emphasis on fundamentals and safe tackling and contact techniques to develop both the experienced and novice player.

There is the potential for small group summer workouts starting June or July depending on coach availability. The season starts August 10th, one week before the start of school.

Please contact us with questions and for more information. Also, send an email with contact information to allow your student athlete to take part in summer workouts and to develop a roster for the Fall 2020 season.

Hope to see you on the field! North Football Coaching Staff

Contact coaching staff at: