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October 23


Please take some time this week to call and email the families of students failing your course.

Please notify them not only of your concern for their child's grade but also to offer suggestions and interventions to help the student turn around their academic performance. Take this time to encourage these student to see you during extra help hours and FLEX. Provide them with strategies on how to make the most of your assignments, take better notes, and study for your tests. I know that you do these things for each of your students all the time, but please be sure to set aside some time for a personal word with these students and families.

While it is the midpoint of the semester, hope remains for students willing to work to improve their grade. Please take some time this week to encourage these academically at risk students and their families.

Food for Thought


I realize that there have been some challenges and confusion this year regarding the district migration of data entry from Classroom Mosaic to the Power Teacher Pro Gradebook . In response I have tried to make the SLO process as user friendly as possible by sharing my SLO Update newsletters (Click Here for the most recent SLO Update Newsletter). I realize things are far from perfect, but want to thank the teacher leaders in our building that have been sharing their expertise and helping neighbors get it all figured out. It is a testament to our school culture and the great teachers we have that everyone pitches in to make it all work.

What you should have accomplished thus far:

  • Have given, graded, and entered scores for the SLO Pre-test into their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook
  • Have completed the "Complete SLO Document" section in Classroom Mosaic
  • Have set up their gradebook to "Auto Calculate Standards" in their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook
  • Have begun flagging assignments that correspond with the power standards in their Power Teacher Pro Gradebook

What's coming next:

  • Now through the end of the month administrators will approve your SLO documents in Classroom Mosaic and require edits if necessary
  • In November administrators will hold midpoint conferences where you will share a report on flagged progress monitoring assessments, provide student work samples, and discuss how you are encouraging student growth
  • In December you will meet with an administrator again to finalize your SLO

Jackets to Follow On Instagram

Here are three examples of educators using social media for the betterment of their students and the greater learning community. They certainly aren't the only teachers using Instagram but are three good examples of teachers connecting with students, other faculty members, and a whole online community of educators through social media. They are worth following because they'll share something that will interest you, inspire you, or share a like to support you.


Our district wide STEAM initiative is off and running. Eight teachers from FMHS have been selected to serve as STEAM Teacher Leaders. They will receive training from Discovery Ed, an offshoot of The Discovery Channel, and share their skills with the greater faculty at larger. Our sincere hope is that they will share their knowledge, resources, and skills to help us enrich our already top notch teaching.

Congratulations to the FMHS STEAM Teacher Leaders:

  • Cynthia Brock
  • Jessica Calloway
  • Elizabeth Dial
  • Nicole LaFave
  • Brad Mercer
  • Betsy Oxenfeld
  • Christy Slater
  • Angela Struve

Quote of the Month

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Calendar of Events


  • October 3 M1 Grades Due--8:40 am
  • October 4 Issue Report Cards--2nd Block
  • October 4 FMHS Family Meeting--3:55 pm
  • October 11 PSG--Online Activity
  • October 17 Leadership Team Meeting--3:55 pm
  • October 17 Midterms Distributed--1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Blocks
  • October 18 Department Meetings--3:55 pm
  • October 23 School Improvement Council--4:30 pm
  • October 25 CIT--3:55 pm