By Andre Seen

In the novel, Walk two Moons, Creech uses judgements towards Mrs.Cadaver. The first time Phoebe judges Mrs.Cadaver is when she mentions how spooky she looks. "Would you want a nurse who’s name meant dead body? And that hair, don't you think all that sticking out red hair is spooky?" (Creech 23) In reality Mrs.Cadaver actually was the person who was with Sal's mother in the bus accident when Sal's mother, Chanhassen, died. And she wanted to tell Sal about that, but Sal did not want to hear it.

Creech also uses judgements towards Mike Bickle, or as they referred it, the lunatic. Phoebe said, "What if we knocked on his door and he opened it and pulled us inside and slit our throats?” (Creech 235) But really, Mike Bickle was actually Mrs.Winterbottom’s son, and he was set up for adoption. But somehow he found Mrs.Winterbottom and asked to see her.Thats why he was visiting the house.


Sharon Creech’s novel Walk two Moons is about a 13 year old girl named Sal.

Her and her grandparents are visiting her mother’s grave in Lewiston, Idaho.

On the way Sal tells them about the story of Phoebe Winterbottom, her disappearing mother and the lunatic.