Week 4: CET Online Tasks

Resource review preparation for next weeks presentations

Your tasks for this week....

Hello everyone, this Smore gives you instructions of the tasks you need to complete in this weeks online part of the course which will prepare you for your upcoming resources review next week. Please start with task 1 below and work you way through the tasks.

Please ensure you have a pen, paper, access to a computer and the internet, any relevant books to support (books need to have sections in relevant to resources).


This will help familiarize to with overall purpose of the tasks for today's online session. Today's session is all about preparing you for your upcoming Resources Review individual 15 minutes Review presentation that you will need to be ready for as soon as you enter the class next week. Feel free to make notes about this if you wish, you will need to have this in mind when you do the tasks from today's session.

Resources Review (RR)

This section of the 3PF assesses the following mandatory units in whole or in part

Delivering education and training (3.1, 3.2, 4.1)

Using resources for education and training (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2)

Resources can play an important part in supporting inclusive teaching and learning. Adapting and using resources to meet the individual needs of learners are crucial in reducing barriers to learner participation and promoting learner achievement. The Resources Review provides you with the opportunity to show how the resources you use not only support learner engagement and motivation, but also how they support the development of learners’ literacy, language, numeracy and ICT.

The use of ICT in developing resources helps teachers to differentiate activities and assessment for all learners. Integrating up to date and purposeful ICT into teaching and learning further supports accessibility for learners as well as providing meaningful and authentic activities to support teaching, learning and assessment.

The Resources Review also promotes the skills of critical reflection and analysis by encouraging you to engage in evaluating your resources.

The Resources Review provides an opportunity for you to show your knowledge, understanding and use of a range of general and subject specific resources, including new and emerging technologies, which promote inclusion and effective teaching and learning. It also allows you to demonstrate their skills of evaluation and analysis.

The Resources Review is in two parts. You must

1 Provide a brief overview of the resources that are used in your teaching

(400 words)

2 Choose three resources, one of which must be a ‘technological’ resource and discuss

- how and why these resources promote inclusive learning

- how they contribute to developing learners’ literacy, language, numeracy and ICT skills

- how the resources have been adapted to meet the needs of individual learners

- the overall effectiveness of these resources including any limitations and how you could improve upon your own practice in using resources in meeting the needs of all learners

This will be assessed through an in class presentation to your peers and tutor. (15 minutes). You will still, however, be required to evidence this in your portfolio.

Evidence should be in the form of a word processed presentation using a relevant presentation software (programme) e.g Powerpoint or Prezi which will also demonstrate your minimum core in using ICT.

You will need to a copy of all slides next week (handout version) so all writing is visible for yourself and for your tutor. You will also need to provide a copy of your cue cards and notes used or script to your tutor at the end of your presentation.

(1000 – 1500 words)

Analysis/discussions/evaluations/reflections must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard bibliographical referencing system.


1) Go to your VLE Moodle https://moodle.ocvc.ac.uk/

2) Log into Moodle Certificate in Education and Training (this will require you to input your

username and the default password for student ID will be (date of birth as six characters e.g 101090 (for a date of birth of 10th October 1990) or password (lower case)

3) Once logged in click Search Courses the third tab on the black bar

4) Then type in the Search courses box : Certificate in Education and Training and click Go

5) Once logged in scroll down using the bar to the right and go to Week 4 Resources and ILT

6)Then find the 'Using and Adapting Resources PP' double click this and read this Powerpoint and complete the activities independently throughout the Powerpoint starting at the start.


1) Access and the Lesson resources and read the 'Resources Review Presentation Feedback sheets.docx' document. This will be the sheet your assessor uses to assess you in next weeks presentation.

2) Access and complete the following task

Resources Strengths and Limitations Table docx .If you have any books and resources this could help you complete this e.g Gravells A(2014) Certificate in Education.

3) Access and complete the final following task to help you prepare your presentation:

Resources Review task 2 Sheet docx - be sure to use a range of references (including books/journals/academic websites ) to support you complete this task.

Remember : You will need to include a full bibliography at the back of your presentation

(You will find more resources to help you in the Wider Reading section in week 4 of Moodle Certificate in Education).

Once complete Create your Resources review presentation that :

1 Provides an overview of resources that are used in your own teaching (400 words)

2 Choose 3 resources one of which must be technological and use the resources provided and guidance (at the top of this SMORE).

## Remember you will need to submit a word process your presentation and bring any cue card and notes with you so you are ready to present next week first thing ##