I was little when I started dancing. My brother and sister use to all was dance at home when a song came on and I all was use to watch them dance. Because I all was wanted to learn how to do the dance they were doing. So after I told them that I wanted to learn how to do the dance’s they were doing they start showing me and I start doing it. So now I’m all was dancing.


The way I remember the dances or steps or parts to the dances. I keep doing it over and over or I will watch YouTube videos with people doing the dances. Or I keep recording myself doing it to see if I messed up at any part and if I do I  try to work on the part I messed up on.

Moving to the music

The way I know when I’m on beat to a to a song is that I keep listing to the song over and over and doing the dance with it like the second time. Then the way I can get people to started dancing with me I started dancing and then I dance for awhile and then I call my brothers and sisters name and be like work and they started laughing and started dancing with me.


Dancing is a time that I have a good time with my friends, brothers, and sister. Then I think help me relax when I am have a bad day and not feel so good.While i'm dancing i releaf my feels and prombles