Nixon Elementary School

Notes to Connect

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Dear Families,

We strive each day to provide the best for our Nixon community. Each of you are a very important part of the learning, teaching, and connections that are so valuable to our days. Our teachers, and all staff, are working to provide the CARE and connections that are needed for this success. Two live scheduled class connection opportunities are now available for students each week in whole-class and/or small group settings, in addition to educator office hours. You may have noticed that our specialists and other instructional staff members are joining into classroom Zoom or Google Hangout meetings to share the connection with children.

Each day offers a new topography to navigate. As with little ones, Kindergarten through Grade 5, we learn through their experiences and also our own when balancing work and teaching when at home. Thank you to each and everyone of our Nixon community!

Some days may offer more opportunity for connection and others a bit different in cadence. Please be kind to yourself as you support your child(ren) through SPS Learns From Home.

Participation and your child's engagement are paramount in this work. Reach out to your classroom teacher or me if you need. We are hear to help, offer support, and listen.

Stay well, we are certainly all in this together.

With much admiration,


Nixon Principal

For Children Transitioning From Nixon To Another School

Please connect with Molly Logan ( if your child will be attending another school next year. This notification is very helpful and allows us to assist you when processing this transition.
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Office Al Hutchinson - "The Quartintimes"

Please find some fun connection to our own School Resource Officer, Al Hutchinson! Thank you to our Sudbury Police Department for your CARE throughout these days! Stay Safe

Food and Resources for our Sudbury School Community

June 17, 2020 is the last day of school. Please find the SPS School Calendar below.