2015 Year in Review

What a year it's been!

Another year gone by filled with advancement and innovation in entertainment, products, sports, and music. Below are a few of the important news stories from the past year that demonstrate these advancements.

Best and Worst Products of 2015

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The Iphone 6s was the #1 best product of 2015.

Biggest Sports Stories of 2015

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Fetty Wap

This extremely successful musician rose to stardom during 2015 after releasing many hits such as "May way" a beautiful work of music. He turned from a once homeless man into a millionaire. He marketed his music with his inspirational story of his journey from having nothing to being a top of the list rapper.
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Adele's album and her hit song "Hello" broke records in 2015. She released many songs that almost always topped the charts. Aside from marketing her music with extreme emotions she made soundtracks for movies to increase popularity and fame.
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Taylor Swift

Famous artist Taylor Swift produced many influential albums containing songs that were listened to around the world. She poured emotion into her music which impacted millions.
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Kanye West

Kanye West, arguably the most influential person of the year, became more than just another world famous artist. Kanye became a philanthropist throughout 2015, giving back and donating to his community by giving to charity and creating free products such as a free game app for everyone to have. on top of this, he still released music that quickly topped the charts.

Resolution for 2016

My 2016 Resolution is to improve on my schoolwork and my GPA to raise it above a 3.9 at the minimum. Also, to commit to University of Richmond for Lacrosse.