The Good Deeds Day

Gal Bar-On

What is the Good Deeds Day?

Good Deeds Day is an annual tradition of good deeds.

All over the world, hundreds of thousands choose to volunteer and help others.

The simple idea is that every person can do something good, large or small, to improve the lives of others and positively change the world.

Good Deeds Day started in 2007 by Shari Arison, and organized by "Ruach Tova".

Good Deeds Day is taking over the world!

Since it began, it has grown from 7,000 participants in Israel to almost 1 million in 2015.

Good Deeds Day has grown in popularity every year because it offers everyone the chance to give and help others.

Good Deeds Day is an international day on which everyone stops and takes the time to help others.

In 2011 Good Deeds Day began uniting people all over the world. It reached the USA and Europe.

In Israel, Arab sector cities and villages, schools, youth groups, soldiers, students, and employees from 1000 businesses joined Good Deeds Day.

My Choice

In the egg industry, chickens live in very small crowded cages. They spend their lives standing on gratings and are not able to spread their wings or stand straight.

The Israeli Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is a Pro-vegan ideological organization that supports animal rights and takes direct action to liberate animals from the egg, meat, milk and fur industries, research using animals and so on.

I chose to show you an action in which ALF activists freed a few chickens from the egg industry, released them from the cages and gave them away to other activists, who let them live a free and normal life.

I think this is a good deed because animals deserve to live freely and not as anybody's possession.

קירות שקופים- פרק 2
Watch from min. 10

My Project

I believe that all animals deserve a good life. In my opinion there is no difference between dogs and cows. I do not understand why eat one and pet the other.

My goal is to reach total liberation of all animals and give them rights and proper living conditions.

The good deed I would like to carry out is to build a shelter for animals saved from the food industries.

In the shelter they would be living a life of freedom and be loved and taken care of.

The volunteers will bring animals to the shelter and make sure the animals have all they need.

The funding for the shelter would come from animal lovers around the world.

I will invite people to come to the shelter to see the animals and help taking care of them.