Andrew Jackson and His Life

By Simon Stone

Trail of Tears

The trail of tears was the removal of the Cherokee tribe from the United States. The Cherokee were very advanced and civilized, but Andrew Jackson wanted their land. It was ruled in Supreme Court case, Worcester vs. Georgia, that Jackson had no right to remove the Cherokee. Jackson removed them anyways. It was a very long journey and many died. They were not given any of the benefits they were promised.

The Nullification Crisis

During Jackson's presidency the tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832 were passed. South Carolina passed a nullification act which said that the tariffs were no longer in act (only in South Carolina). The Federal Government tried to stop the act, and South Carolina threatens to secede if the government continues. Congress passed the force bill which said Jackson could use the army to attack South Carolina. It is resolved by a compromise between the Government and South Carolina.

Jackson and the National Bank

During Jackson's presidency, the national bank needed to be renewed. Andrew Jackson personally did not support the national bank. He (and his supporters) thought the bank was corrupt. When congress passed the act for a second National bank, Jackson killed it using presidential veto.

Political Cartoon

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Andrew Jackson is slaying the many difficulties he faces in his presidency. Some of these issues include the National Bank and Tariffs. He is "slaying the many headed monster" that is his presidency.

Comment 1

I can't believe that this dude thinks that he can just kick us off our land! We made an agreement, and he can't just kick us off of our land. Like what the heck dude??!??!?!? And even though he said while we were making the journey he would supply a doctor and plenty of time to pack up, he gave us none of this. I can't believe this man that is supposed to be a "president", because even though the supreme court said we could stay, we got moved to a reservation anyways.

-A friendly Cherokee

Comment 2

I love Andrew Jackson! Everything he does in office seems to be just right. He moved the Cherokee so we would have more land to farm. He realized that the tariffs were ridiculous and decide to lessen them. He even got rid of that "National Bank". What a great man!! :)

-Just a plantation owner