The truth behind the Holocaust

By: Nate Saddler

Dictatorship under the Third Reich

The Third Reich was basically Hitlers personal powerhouses. What this meant really was that they did his biding. Anyone who would revolt against the Third Reich's beliefs or ideas would either be executed or imprisoned. One of the many beliefs of the Third Reich was called Furer. This meant that only one person was in charge, and they made all of the political and militaristic decisions. One of the Third Reich's worst ideas was that if someone was up to the Third Reich's standards they would either execute the people or the Third Reich would imprison them, most commonly the prisoners would be sent to concentration camps.

The United State's point of view of the Holocaust

For the first few years of the Holocaust the United States did not pay much attention to what was happening in Germany. In Eastern Europe, during the 1930’s Hitler’s regime stripped all non-Aryans of their civil liberties and humanity. When the United States started to think of the Holocaust as an issue the United States started to help the people of Germany. The United States wanted to free the people from Hitler.

How the United States responded to the Holocaust

The United States was a safe haven for the Jews. Between 1939 and 1940 more than half of the immigrants to the United States were Jewish people. America’s traditional policy of open immigration had ended when Congress enacted restrictive immigration quotas in 1921 and 1924. The quota system allowed only about twenty-five thousand Germans to enter the country every year. And even some Americans took steps to alleviate the suffering of German Jews. American Jewish leaders organized a boycott of German goods, hoping that economic pressure might force Hitler to end his anti-Semitic policies.


Germany could have not had anything worse happen to their country than the Third Reich and Hitler coming to power. Hitler had promised the people of Germany that he would make the country of Germany a country with very much power, and that is what Hitler did. Although the people of Germany did not expect Hitler to do what he did, which was the Holocaust. Many countries were involved with relieving the Jews from the Nazis. The United States, Russia, China, and Great Britain all formed the Allied forces and saved the Jews from Hitler's rule. If the Jews did not have the Allied forced stop Hitler and the Third Reich the Jews would most likely be under the rule of Hitler.