No Country for Old Men

My Blog: by Taylor Mongeon

My opinion on the novel No Country for Old men

My favourite part in the book, started right at the beginning when Anton Chiggurgh was hauled into jail by an officer, but the officer is to dumb to keep an eye on him and Anton decides to sneak up behind him and take him out, pulling his cuffs around the officers neck and yanking hard, breaking his windpipe and killing him. I liked this part just because it starts out the book in an action type of way, usually the action starts climbing through the novels, reaching to the middle of the book; not in this book, it shows that Chuggurgh is one badass character that doesn't care and that he is one guy not to mess with. Now, I have my favourite part of the book, but I'll tell you the part I hated the most about the book; was near the end of the book when the Mexicans end up killing Llewelyn Moss, now I utterly hated this part just because I had the strongest of feelings the moss was going to make it out alive in the end and live his life with Millions of dollars in cash. Another reason is that I thought in the beginning that Moss was the character that would end up doing the killing... not the one being killed. After reading this book, I have to say it was actually a really good book that held a lot more action then I thought it would have, lots of killing and lots of investigation. I'd rate it about 9 out of 10 stars, one of my favourite books by far.

The Three Main Characters in No Country for Old Men

The Coin Flip

Have you ever been in a situation were you had a 50/50 chance of living? Hopefully not, throughout the novel No Country for Old Men, the main Antagonist in the novel-- Anton Chiggurgh decides the fate of his victims with a flip of a Quarter. He tells you to call it in the air Head or tails, if you call it right you get to keep the coin along with your life. Unfortunately if you loose, you loose your life as well as with the coin. The coin is special in the book, it symbolizes luck, along with life and death, if you win you end up lucky nut if you loose you end up dead.