SEPTEMBER 21, 2015


  • FALL FEST~Mark your calendars for October 8 for a fun filled evening! Please access the Google Doc Tracy has sent out to sign-up for your activity and request materials that need to be purchased. This is an ALL staff event from 5-8pm. Staff will need to begin set up at 4:30. Tracy would be happy to answer any questions you may have! Flyers will be heading your way this week!
  • OCTOBER PD- Just a reminder, October PD for Grace has been moved to October 23 instead of October 9. Please adjust your calendars.
  • CULVER's NIGHT- Tomorrow September 22- Don't forget to sign-up for a shift. Our 7-8pm is looking a little bare. As of now we only have 2 people during this time slot. This is such a fun time for our students- they get such a kick out of being served by their teachers!
  • STAFF LUNCHEON- Friday, September 25 is our first staff luncheon provided by your very own office staff. We will be providing delicious soups and salads. Please sign-up for a small addition such as bread/butter, crackers, sour cream, cheese, dessert, etc.
  • FACEBOOK~ Please remember to find and friend Melissa McConnell on Facebook, or send the name of your work profile on Facebook, so that she can join your secret groups. Hats off to Lori Steele's crew - they have already set up their Facebook and have been sharing the great things their doing with families!
  • RECESS- Please remember to be in different zones when supervising recess. For the safety of our students, we can not congregate and talk with staff members during this time.
  • TIME CLOCK- We had 89 corrections this week! Please be diligent about logging in and out each day. Making a large amount of corrections is very time consuming.


  • September 22- Culver's Night 5-8pm
  • October 6-Intruder Drill 10:00
  • October 7 - Student Pictures
  • October 8- Fall Fest 5-7pm
  • October 22- Fire Drill 9:30
  • October 28- Fall Parade @ Grace
  • October 28/29- Evening Conferences
  • October 30- No school!


  • October 17- Holly Keeton
  • October 21- Sarah Busch
  • October 29- Jamie Michaelree
  • October 31- Michelle Fisher


  • An ENORMOUS thank you to Emily and the TEAM that helped to plan and create the float. You wouldn't believe the amount of Grace students at the parade! They we so excited to their teachers- what a fabulous time and a great representation of Grace!
  • POCKET LADY! A shout out to Sandie Nagy for creating a fun experience for kiddos on their birthday. She has created a robe of pockets filled with little trinkets for children to choose from. Don't forget, if you have extra McDondald's toys etc, throw them her way.
  • Way to go Laura Linn for organizing such an amazing Bike-a-Thon! We raised over $2,500, UNBELIEVABLE!