Left Brain Thinker

Although I use both the left and right side of my brain depending on the thought process necessary, I am most comfortable while using the left side of my brain. That means that I am logical, technical, planned, scientific, sequential, and a auditory listener. I agree with this because I like math, science planning, and solving problems.

My Personality Type


  • 1 Green: I like to learn and come up with new ideas. Independent, likes to spend lots of time alone, space and privacy.
  • 2 Gold: Dependable, honest, plans things, organized, well prepared, and enjoys tradition.
  • 3 Orange: Likes to have fun while learning, hand on activities, fun activities, sense of humor, likes people around you.
  • 4 Blue: Share things, helpful to classmates, compassionate and is a good listener.

Motivation, Stress, and Team Inventories

Motivation score: 73 which is about average form 60 to 100 is average.

Stress Score: 24 which is way below stressed which is 60.

Team Style: Analyzer (7), Creator (5), Supporter (1), Director( 1). Analyzer explanation is I easily think through problem efficiently.

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Introvert: 88%

Ambivert: 8%

Extrovert: 4%

Introverts are reserved and are uncomfortable to be around people, they prefer to be by them selves.

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Budgeting my life

Theoretical physicist
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Top 3 Career Choices

(Theoretical Physicist) [Diagnostician] {Experimental Physics}

(Identify what should happen) [Identify the patients] { identify what will

under certain conditions} [sickness happen under certain conditions]

(works in offices and labs) [Works in hospitals] {works in offices and labs}

Needs at least a masters Needs a doctors degree needs at least a masters

degree in physics in medicine degree in physics

earns $33,532.00 to earns $232,830 earns $33,532.00 to

$109,939.00 $109,939.00

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Analytical Style

  • Focuses on tasks and technical problems, taking a logical approach
  • considers every aspect of a give problem
  • Acquires information by careful analysis, using a large amount of data
  • Evaluates information through abstract thinking, avoiding incomplete data
  • Has a high tolerance for tolerance for ambiguity and is innovating in solving problems

  • Over controlling
  • impersonal
  • too careful,abstract, or mathematical
  • Sometimes too slow

  • Where planning or solving complex problems is important, such as science or engineering

  • Intellectual
  • Wants control
  • Impersonal social orientation
  • motivated by complex situations with variety and challenge
  • skilled in organizing facts and establishing controls
  • Competes task applying rigorous analysis and preparing detailed plans
  • Wants to be able to predict outcomes

#1 California institute of technology

Pasadena California

Private university

983 students enrolled

45,390 enrollment fee

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"Be observant"
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