Lourdes Pastor

Journalism FM9

Overall Year Story

This year was at the most part has past way too quickly. Not so long ago I remembered entering the intimidating doors of FM9 at the beginning of the year and knew it would be a year of new opportunities. I've learned many things over this year, and made a few friends. I can't believe that soon I'll be becoming a sophomore next year, but my freshman year was definitely a year to remember. I've learned to open up a little, even though it may be hard to believe but I can be very shy most of the time, I had a hard time interacting with people. But this year I met a few people I felt comfortable with and we became close. School work was definitely a great part of my day, it was sometimes very stressful but I've managed to come through and finish it all. We also got a new little addition to the family, my little puppy Bella (well not so little anymore though). This year has been great and I sure can't wait for the next one.
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