Welcome to Week Seven

Internationalization and Cooperation (BUS499)

Weekly Content - Internationalization and Cooperation

This week we're going to divide our time between two topics: internationalization and cooperation. These are both complex areas for even an experienced organization. Our discussion of internationalization will focus on the challenges that are inherent in negotiating unfamiliar legal, political and cultural terrain. I've put a few short observations on cooperation in the Instructor's Insights area that you should take a look at before starting the discussion.

Class Notes - Staying Movtivated

We've reached seven so we're getting to the point where your initial enthusiasm may be starting to wear off. I know that, when I'm taking a class, there often comes a time shortly after the half way point where it starts to become a grind. In this class, that usually means that discussion posts start to get shorter and they start showing up later and later in the week. At this point, I like to take a step back, maybe take a couple of days off and not think about the class and try to recapture what martial arts instructors call a "beginner's mind", i.e. the level of enthusiasm and excitement that a beginner has when he first starts on a new course.