Brain's Winter

Read this Book!!!!!


The book I'm reading is called Brian's Winter by Gary Paulson. My story is about how Brian is trying to survive winter in the wilderness. The main character is Brian. Brian is a caring guy and doesn't like to kill animals, but must in order to survive. The setting takes place in the wilderness after Brians plane crashes on his way to visit his dad. All in all read to fine out how he survives or if he does survive.


The theme was to make sure you make the best out of what you get. He wasn't dealt the best hand, but is making the best out of it.

Point of view?

This story is told in a 1st person point of view. He said "I love fishing its great for passing time." Using I proved that its 1st person.


The character feels abandoned and is starting to lose hope. He is very skinny because he can't eat much in the wild. When he killed the moose he said that he felt horrible and that shows what kind of a person he is.


He only talks to himself throughout the story, but I'll show you some stuff he said. "I must go find some fire wood before it gets dark and colder." "I must kill this moose I really need the meat," he said sadly.


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