Renaissance Essential Knowledge


How did the Crusades stimulate trade between Europe and the Muslim Empire?

By Introducing Europeans to many desirable products

What were the economic foundations of the Italian Renaissance?

The Crusades stimulated trade by introducing Europeans to many desirable products.

Trade promoted frequent contacts with the Byzantine and Muslim Empires.

New Economic institutions developed.

How did the Northern Italian cities benefit from their geographic location?

They had access to trade routes connecting Europe with Middle Eastern markets.

Served as trading centers for the distribution of goods to Northern Europe.

How did the Italian city states achieve importance and develop politically?

Trading with the middle east accumulated wealth and led to the rise of these Italian city states.

They served as trading centers for the distribution of goods to Northern Europe.

What were Machiavelli's ideas about power?

Machiavelli's ideas about power stated in " The Prince

. Supported absolute power

. Maintains that the end justifies the means

. Advises one should do good when possible but evil when necessary

How did the arts and literature of the Renaissance differ from those of the Middle Ages?

Medieval art and literature focused on the church and salvation.

Renaissance are and literature focused on individual and worldly matters along with with christianity.

Who were the Prominent artist and writers of the Italian Renaissance ?

Leonardo Da Vinci : Artist of The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa

Michelangelo: Artist of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Sculpted David

Petrarch: created poetry and was a humanist