Warren Elementary Weekly Update

June 25- 29

From Mrs. Wilkins

Dear Warren families,

Thank you for working in collaboration with us to make it through the challenges of COVID-19 remote learning. You have shared a desire for closure to the end of this school year, thus teachers would like to share one last conversation with each family. Together, with your child’s teacher you have navigated home-to-school learning. To honor the partnership, you have shared with your child’s teacher, your child’s teacher will be reaching out to set up a time to share one last collaborative conversation during the week of June 1- 5.

The “Remote Review” document is a snapshot of what your child/children has learned during these past two months of remote learning. In partnership with your child's teacher you will discuss your child’s learning goals and progress. Take time to celebrate your efforts! Know that your willingness to show up for remote learning is ENOUGH. We, the Helena School District, will continue to support your child’s learning needs. Celebrate your family’s perseverance, tenacity, and all that you have navigated during this unprecedented time. We feel fortunate to work with such supportive families. Below is a blank first grade remote review document, so you can anticipate what your child's/children's remote review will look like from their teacher.

Student belongings can be picked up May 8, 9, and 10. Click the below sign-up genius link to enter when you will pick up your child/children's belongings. 5th grade parents please note that you have a separate sign up. Mrs. McNay and Mrs. Klemp will be handing out your child's end of the year graduation gifts with their belongings. If you have other children in other grade levels, their belongings can be picked up with your 5th grader's belongings.

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions.


Mrs. Wilkins


Remote Reviews

Big picture

Remote Reviews

As part of the conversation, the district created a document to provide a “snapshot” of where each student ended the school year in regard to grade level standards taught and assessed in the fourth quarter. Due to the “Remote Review” document being a district wide form, not all the standards on the report were taught this quarter. Teachers were given the autonomy to meet the students where their needs were, so some standards will be reported as “not measured.” In the comments section teachers will speak to other standards measured in replacement of those on the report.

Social Distance Student Belonging Pick-Up (June 8, 9, and 10)

Sign up below to pick up your child/children's belongings. Your child's/children's belongings have been packed up by their teacher.

Please note social distance practices will be adhered to when you come to pick-up your child/children's belongings. Staff will be wearing masks and staying 6ft a part. We ask that you stay in your car and your child/ children be prepared for air hugs and air high fives!

K-4 belonging pick-up- parking lot by entry 1 (front office)

5th grade belonging pick up- large parking lot by "the map" and primary playground

K-4 Sign-Up to Pick up your Child's Belongings

5th grade + Sibling Belonging's Pick-Up

We are so proud of our Warren students!

Every week teachers will highlight their wonderful students. All students will be featured by the end of the school year, so keep a look out for your child/children. Way to go Warren Wolverines! #WarrenStrong

This Week's Featured Students

Mrs. Ralph- Kindergarten

KInsley H: Has been camping alot! Her sister's have been playing "school" with her and she is working so hard on her school work. She likes to sleep in.

Haydyn E: She has lost 4 teeth! She loves being outside and is a hard one to get to come inside. She is spending a lot of time with older brother and sister.

Soren S:He lost his first tooth! He has been helping his mom out in the garden and really likes finding the worms. He also likes riding his bike outside.

Mrs. Sorensen- Kindergarten

Jason G. is a big Minecraft fanatic. While playing he likes to sound out words and create.

Tristan has been working hard on his assignments. He also likes to build things, helps with the new lawn, turkey hunts and is excited about the prospect of camping.

Mrs. Tabaracci- Kindergarten

Katelynn is celebrating her 6th birthday with brother Calvin this weekend. They have spent many hours doing schoolwork; learning letters, writing their names and in their free time playing outside.

Trisha is on the move. She has learned to ride her bicycle and goes on many adventures in her boat. She completes her reading while riding in the car on another adventure to the cherry orchards as the family prepares it for the season.

Mr. Burton- First

Traycen- Traycen is a hard working student. He really enjoys learning and doing a good job. Traycen has a great talent of building things. It is always amazing what he can build out of Legos or K’nex.

Brylee- Brylee is a storyteller! She has been able to transfer her stories onto paper this year which has led to some amazing work. Brylee is a kindhearted person.

Conrad- Conrad is someone who always tries his best no matter what he is doing. With his schoolwork in class or sports he never gives up!

Marcus- Marcus has worked so hard this year in all academic areas. Marcus also has great dance moves. He would show these off when he was leading morning board work or calendar, it was amazing!

Mrs. Horne- First

Preston Cox – Preston is a very tenderhearted little boy who loves sharing hugs and smiles. He has worked so hard on reading and math throughout the year. He is also incredibly kind and helpful towards his peers.

Austin Mehrens- Austin is a quiet leader in the classroom and sets a good example for those around him. He has done a great job working on first grade skills and was always so helpful to have in the classroom.

Blake Petty- Blake is also a leader in the classroom and always willing to lend a helping hand for his peers. He approaches every day with a positive attitude and has done a fantastic job with first grade work.

Remington Pfeiffer- Remi loves to help out and take on a job whenever he can, like reading with Kindergarten friends or working around the classroom. Remi has worked so hard during online learning and should be proud of his accomplishments.

Mrs. O'Brian

Stetson Sierer-Stetson is hard working and strives to do his best. He has continued that through remote learning. He is pleasant to everyone and fun to be around.

George Crosby-George is a quiet, conscientious student who always works hard and is a great role model. He has kept up his work through remote learning and has even done some cool science experiments.

Emma Sizemore-Emma is a very expressive young lady. She has a wonderful way of describing things and is very complimentary to others. She continues to work hard and always has a smile!

Mrs. Byrd- Second

Brooklynn is full of energy. She has a very outgoing personality and is a natural leader. She loves to be a helper to his classmates.

Aiden is so easy going and gets along with everyone. I love that he always finds a way to see the good in every situation and can find humor in the small things.

Johnny has a lot of drive and determination when he sets his mind to something. I am always amazed to see what he is capable of when he gives his all.

Rosemary might try to fool you with her quietness, but she is quite the character once you get to know her. She has a great sense of humor and always cheers on her classmates.

Mrs. Kimball- Second

Zoee is a quiet force. She keeps her thoughts to herself, but the wheels are always turning. I can always count on her to do the right thing and admire her ability to stay on task when things around her are a little nutty!

Arydia is a good friend to everyone. She often offers help, even without being asked. She is also very observant and notices things that others do not. She works hard and it shows!

Jane is SUPER creative! She is always designing something (dresses!) and writing stories. I love to hear her out-of-the-box ideas and see her artistic talents!

Mason is a very strong, yet gentle guy. He is always in tune with how others are feeling and looks out for his friends. I admire how he is not afraid to ask for help and work hard to finish things.

Mrs. Merritt- Second

Lily- Lily always comes off as a quiet individual but she has a fun side to her. I love hearing Lily’s stories and how she loves to bake!! Some of my favorite stories are of Lilies and how she helps her mom and or family members bake wonderful treats. Lily is such a considerate individual and is always thinking of others before herself. Keep up that wonderful spirit! I sure do miss you!!

Cinch- You are an amazing individual. You have a spirit that draws others in with how kind and accepting you are of everyone you meet. I love hearing about how you help out at the ranch and all the activities you participate in. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing while we are remote learning. Your determination is evident with the work you complete. Keep up the great work!!

Samantha-Samantha is my tender heart of the classroom. She is a rule follower and a wonderful helper. I’m sure she is helping around the house.  I love hearing about how she loves to celebrate her pet’s birthdays. Each pet is truly a family member in her home. Samantha is kind, considerate and a great friend!! Keep being you!! I have appreciated all you’ve done during this remote learning.

Isabella- Isabella is a sweet girl who wants to always do her best. Isabella wants to be a friend to others and is always looking out for others. I love this about Isabella!! I know remote learning has been hard not being at school, but I really appreciate your determination to keep on trying and doing your very best. Keep it up!!

Mrs. Madsen- Third

Braydon Brown has shown so much confidence in his work and has been doing an exceptional job. I can really tell that he misses being at school.

Kaylee O’Shea has turned it up a notch! Her work lately has been outstanding, and I really appreciate her effort!! She is a rock star!

Camden Butler may have had his tonsils taken out over the closure, but I know that that’s not going to stop him! He is a tough guy and has also provided us all with many laughs during video chats!

Ryder Jackson has been busting out great work since day 1. It seems like nothing can slow this guy down! I can tell that he stays focused and truly takes on challenges like a pro!

Zoe Murray has stayed super positive and loves to send lovely messages to me. I appreciate that she has done such a great job in communicating with me throughout this time apart to make sure she is doing the right thing. I love that!

Mrs. Ford- Third

Madison Grant – Madison was new to Warren this year and has been a wonderful addition! She is very kind, hardworking, responsible, and creative. Her dog, Ruger, enjoys joining our video chats, and her baby sister also makes special appearances!

AJ Keller- AJ is a fun girl with a great sense of humor. She is motivated, responsible and has become a book enthusiast this year- she has far exceeded her AR goal this year! Way to go AJ! AJ has done a great job completing her work from home. She has also found interest in new hobbies such as the ukulele, clay, and crochet.

Karver Schreckendgust – Karver can be quiet, but has a lot of great things to say. He produces neat work and he is responsible. It has been fun getting to learn more about his likes and interests during our video chats. Karver is a big hunter and loves to fish!

Rex Snezek – Rex is very motivated to achieve goals. This year he mastered his multiplication and division facts – way to go Rex! Rex loves sports, enjoys playing outside, and he’s a huge Bobcat fan! When Rex puts his mind to something, the results have proven amazing!

Macey Rude – Macey is a hoot! She is witty, funny, nonjudgmental, and always willing to be a friend. She can often be “spotted” wearing cheetah print and usually always has a smile on her face. Our class has enjoyed “meeting” many of her pets during our class chats.

Bonney- Fourth

Izaik MurfittIzaik (Zach) is a one-of-a-kind, blast-to-have-in-class, kind of kid! He surely can keep you on your toes with his sense of humor and wit. He would roll his eyes if I said this in front of him, but his smile and fun personality really are contagious! 😊

Lydia Weidow – Lydia is a kind helper and a great storyteller! She was always willing to pitch in and help with any boring (or even gross) job I had for her. Plus, she did it all with a positive attitude and a smile on her face! Also, her descriptive stories and quick wit could keep me in stitches!

Derek Satre – Derek is an all-around fun, happy kid! He certainly is always ready to entertain anyone with a story about his crazy adventures. Derek has always been very respectful toward me, and I admire his hard work and dedication when things get difficult!

Caybree Petty – Caybree is a quiet, yet strong leader. She is focused, helpful, and respectful. She approaches her work with grace and responsibility, holding herself to a high standard, even when it’s not something fun (like boardwork). Also, she is another kid who would help with any task I threw at her and would smile the whole time!

Cicero- Fourth

Aryn Anderson- Aryn always comes to school with a smile on her face. Aryn is quiet but a hard worker and asks questions when needed. Aryn loves spending time with her siblings and gets really excited when she gets surprise visits from them.

Danica Thomas- Dani has one of the best imaginations. Her story telling and creativity is amazing! She can take a simple topic and turn it into an amazing story. I’ll never forget her coming to the room for breakfast and picking out all her Lucky Charms! Danica loves her all of her pets including Baxter and Cheeto and “The Fish.” Dani also loves playing on her Xbox with her dad. Miss you Danica!

Kayden Moore- Kayden is an extremely genuine kid. He is able to talk about big things going on for him in a direct way. Kayden enjoys playing on his Xbox and collecting sports cards. Kayden is always a willing helper. I miss you Kayden.

Laurelle Brenimer- Laurelle is a fun loving girl who is always very active. She loves gymnastics and enjoys her dogs. I love playing the dungeon card game with her. Laurelle is a very capable student when she is pushed! Keep working hard Laurelle!

Klemp- Fifth

CJ -- CJ has been very engaged these last few months! He has worked hard on his lessons and is never afraid to ask questions. He is always attending our class chats and I can count on his sense of humor to brighten my day! He is a great kid and such a bright spot!

Rex -- Rex is a character! He is often the first one to start his group chat so he must be excited to get to work! He has a great quality of pushing through even when he gets frustrated while working on difficult tasks. He has been working hard to stay engaged!

Jetta --Jetta is a quiet, hardworking kid. She has been spending a lot of time at her grandparents' house but is being responsible and taking care of her schoolwork too! She is a joy to have in my class.

Reece--Reece is amazing to have in class! He is quiet but such a kind, hardworking kid! He is keeping up well with remote learning and I am sure he is getting in a lot of basketball too! He is always making great choices and is such a quiet leader to those around him.

Cooper -- Cooper is such a bright spot. He is soft-spoken but asks questions when he needs too. He is a very dedicated worker and is eager to learn new skills. Such a great classmate and he will be greatly missed.

Landon -- Landon has been working hard staying caught up with his assignments during remote learning! He is actively involved in his groups and is doing a great job of asking questions during group chats. He always asks how your day is going. He is a kind-hearted, fun kid to be around!

Morgan -- Morgan is a great kid and she loves to share hunting stories with me. She has been working hard during this remote learning period. She would do anything for her classmates. She is just a very caring, genuine, awesome kid to be around!

McNay- Fifth

Inn is a quiet, kind, hard-working student! He is a very dedicated to his studies and loves to learn new skills. Inn really enjoys sports and I bet he has been getting in a lot of basketball during this time.

Keghan is a kind, helpful, flexible student who is willing to help anyone with anything! I amazed by Keghan’s ability make friends with anyone no matter their age. I miss seeing Keghan willingness to try anything that is asked of him and doing it all with a smile on his face.

Sophia is a positive, inquisitive, artistic student who constantly amazes me with what she draws! This year, Sophia has kept me on my toes with the questions she asks, serious and non-serious throughout the year. Her positive outlook on things is a joy to have in class.

Addison is a great helper and has a kind heart! She was always willing to pitch in and help with any job I or another teacher had for her. I miss hearing her stories and comments, she could always get a laugh out of me or a classmate!


Jordan is a positive, sport loving kiddo who is liked by all his peers! I have seen great growth in Jordan this year and has been knocking remote learning out of the park. I am truly, impressed by his ability to find the positive in any situation.