By: Julianna C.


Globalization is the world wide blending of different cultures and ideas because of the huge advance in technology that allows people from all over to communicate. The four categories of globalization are cultural, economic, technological, and environmental.


Many companies have expanded there businesses past the boundaries of their own country and placed themselves in different countries helping them grow and expand. This expansion of big businesses has also caused small local businesses to suffer.But the big businesses tend to have worse quality products then the local businesses.


The big advance in technology has brought the countries closer than ever before. This makes it much harder for countries to keep things secretive. Which shows when a citizen from the U.S. could know about a problem in Russia.


Many cultures have spread to different parts of the world because of globalization. But an issue with the spread of culture is that some dominant countries have imposed on other countries way of life.


Globalization has helped in the use of resource and help to improve awareness of our environment seeing that it is an international issue not just a national issue. But there are some negative affects due to globalization as well. The environment has suffered from export-orientated destruction and because of the increase of demand we our overusing our natural resources.

Made in China

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How I got my Uggs

My favorite pair of shoes are boots called Uggs and the company made the shoes in China. Uggs are made of fleece-lined sheepskin.

How Globalization Affects Me

Globalization is a big part of my life and I don't even realize it at times. For example, I always have fruit my kitchen like bananas, blueberries, pineapple, etc. But the thing is that none of them came from the U.S. The bananas are from Nicaragua, the blueberries are from Chile, and the pineapple is from Costa Rica. So without globalization I wouldn't be able to have many of the fruits that I eat regularly. Another thing about me is that I love to shop at Pink. And many of there clothing are from Vietman. So globalization is good in a way that it gives me access to thing that I couldn't get from where I live. A down side to globalization is that since more people have access to things, there is a need to make more which sometimes requires us to use up more of our natural resources.