Athletic Trainer

Marissa O'Leary - 4th Hr. Science

Career Overview

Athletic Trainers work with athletes to help prevent injuries. They show athletes exercises that strengthen their bodies in places that may be easily injured.

What do you need to succeed in this career?

Include at least 800 hours of experience in a sports medicine clinic. This training must be carried out under the supervision of a National Athletic Trainers' Association certified Athletic Trainer in an approved clinical program.

What Degree or classes do I need to be qualified?

I would need a Masters degree or a Doctoral degree.

Good classes to take in High School are:

Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology.

As far as college, I would need:

Graduate training programs require students to complete all of the above requirements plus additional practicum hours and clinical training. After fulfilling NATA requirements, athletic trainers take a certification exam administered through NATA.

Cost of Education

Cost of tuition per semester or per year?

University of NWTC, Green Bay: $3,427 (in-state) per year

How much will your total tuition be for however long it takes you to get your degree?

To earn my Master's degree it will cost a total of $13,708 dollars and to earn my Doctors degree it will cost a total of $27,416 dollars.

How much would it cost for housing for me each month?

It will cost me about $1,500 each month.

My total cost of tuition, housing, food/groceries, and gas money?

It will cost $15,000 dollars.

Do you think you will need to apply for loans, financial aid, and/or scholarships?


Do you think you will need to at least get a part-time job to help with costs?

Yes because I will need to pay for college and housing.

Do you feel this career you may want to persue in the future?

No because after looking at how much it will cost for college and schooling and how many years it will take, I don't want to.

Pros and Cons of this Job


1. Enjoys working with Coaches, Athletes, Parents and Teachers.

2. Helps players improve their performance.

3. Knowing their work helps athletes stay healthy.


1. Feeling not aware of the importance of their work especially at the high school level.

2. They feel they don't have as much time as they would like to spend with family and friends because of their irregular work hours.

Job Advertisement

Would you like to train Athletes to stay in shape and to be healthy? Well than Athletic trainers is the perfect career for you! You would make about $34,510 a year for the entry level. The work conditions are working inside and outside, working in cold and hot weather, unfamiliar locker rooms and stadiums, also in wet or muddy places. This career also requires a Masters or Doctors degree. Helpful high school courses are Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, also training programs in college.