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February 4, 2016

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Spotlight of the Week: 7 Successful MSAF Students Bridge Culture Gap

This week we are shining the spotlight on a group of students and applauding them for exhibiting an overlooked but very important characteristic of leadership, the courage to push past one’s comfort zone.

These 7 MSAF students, featured in picture from left to right, are Bruce Zhiqiang Wang, Dina Xiaofan Ren, Audrey Han Xue, Cici Xi Chen, Yolanda Lyu Ye, Rita Guo Zheng and on the far right, Jason Qiangxin Yang.

Early in the Career Course we emphasized networking and encouraged students to reach out and meet new people in various careers and jobs. This was a daunting task for many international students in particular because networking was basically a new concept to them. This prompted these 7 students to start first within the Pepperdine community by building cultural awareness and at the same time improving their communication skills. They designed and delivered a Culture Training Program to The Graziadio Staff during weekly meetings.

So far, the Culture Training has increased the awareness and understanding between staff and international students. It has also enabled these students to go outside of their comfort zone. Now, when they contact alumni for face to face meetings it is not so daunting. So far, two students, Yolanda Lyu Ye and Cici Xi Chen, were able to secure finance internships and the other five are making great strides with their searches.

Thank you to these 7 students for teaching cultural awareness and showing courage in doing so. Let this be an inspiration to everyone to push past your own comfort zone and create a new path.

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Let's Talk Money

"Ever wonder how to properly ask for a raise? Or how to advocate for yourself in the workplace? This short article provides a practical, step-by-step process that will help you formulate your approach and nail your execution with confidence and grace to ultimately advance your career."

Click here for the full article:
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Check The Career Portal For Job Listings & Events


  • MBA Analytics Intern - KAISER PERMANENTE
  • Graduate Internships - THE CAPITAL GROUP
  • Finance Fellowship Program - KAISER PERMANENTE
  • CRM Consultant - ORACLE
  • Marketing Manager - POM Wonderful LLC
  • Summer Associate Investment Banking - GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS


  • February 5: SEER Symposium
  • February 11-12: NorCal DIIS Trek (Closed)
  • February 17: MSOD Alumni Panel - OD in Media & Entertainment
  • February 18: Consulting Collective Networking Workshop
  • February 19: Hire SoCal 2016 Graduate Business Career Fair

If you have any questions regarding these events ask us!

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Friday, February 19th Hire SoCal Career Fair - Register Today on the Career Portal

Six area business schools (CSULB, CSUF, Chapman, Drucker, UCR & Pepperdine) are hosting this exclusive career fair for graduate-level students Friday, February 19th at Cal State Long Beach. Companies include American Honda, Irvine Company, Citizen's Business Bank, Niagara Bottling Company, Kaiser Permanente and more. The companies invited are looking to hire you for their internships and full-time positions.

To RSVP for Hire SoCal 2016 please visit the following link:

And to put your best foot forward at the Hire SoCal Career Fair read this article offering suggestions and tips:

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