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April 15-19

Teaching Contract Renewals

Go to Skyward to sign your contract. Read carefully through each step. Please sign by end of the week

Welcome Jaycee Nelson to our 2019-2020 Teaching Staff!

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Welcome Kori Thompson to our 2019-2020 Teaching Staff!

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Change of Terminology: Time Out

We all have used "Time Out" as our terminology for putting a student by themselves as a consequence. A consultant on campus recently brought up a concern that we were using the words "time out" not in the way that it is defined now.

The Texas Education Agency and Special Ed Law have used the word "time out" in a more well defined manner. "Time outs" in our school really come with lots of paperwork especially for students under special education.

Click on the link below to read the legal frameworks if you need an explanation.

The powerpoint below has information on how to use "time outs" in the correct manner.

Long story, short- We do not use "time outs" in the legally defined way. We have kids go and cool down, take a break, loose a privilege, have a consequence, etc. However, we use the words "time out" they take on a very different meaning in Texas Public Schools now.

What we need to do?

Stop using the words "time out" and use a calm down corner or cool down area. This does not change the consequence just the wording. We need to help each other learn new words to say instead of "time outs". This is hard because it means the same thing everywhere else but at school.

If you want more training in PBIS, please visit the link below:

Calm Down Area Resources

We have these in the Staff Notebook.

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Summer Learning Staff




Zaragoza (Bilingual)

Melton (ESL)

Jiminez (Bilingual)






Ruiz & Saucedo (Bilingual)

Silvey & Sinclair (ESL)

C. Tovar & Valadez (Bilingual)

Robinson (ESL)


Abrams and Martin

Thank you for making Texas Day a Success! Our students had so much fun!

Congratulations Primary on our Student Success! Internationally Recognized for our work!

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