Did You Know??

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Did You Know?

This module is meant to share various tips, tricks and hacks related to Google tools, websites and technology integration. Feel free to skip around, try and share your learning. you are sure to gain something from this list!!


1. Did you know... Force Copy of Google Doc

2. Did you know... Share YouTube video without clutter

3. Did you know... Google Classroom Hacks

4. Did you Know... Google Doc URL Tricks

5. Did you know... TonyVincent is on Instagram

6. Did you know... Chrome Music Lab

7. Did you know... Google Arts and Culture

8. Did you know... Google Smarty Pins

9. Did you know... Google Quick Draw

10. Did you know... Google Calendar for Teachers

11. Did you know... YouTube tips

Bonus: 45 bonus Tips!!


*Pick your top takeaway and send an email (copy me in it) to a colleague sharing the link or idea and why you are sharing it with them. #sharingiscaring

After exploring and practicing please respond to the questions on the linked Padlet here:

*** Please fill out this survey after completing your Did you Know Learning.