The Greatest School on Earth, THE!

Celebrating 10 Years at Tuscany Heights Elementary

Welcome Back to the Greatest Staff on Earth

Welcome Back to the Greatest Staff on Earth!

I hope that you have enjoyed a summer full of rest, relaxation, time with loved ones, and all things loved by you! You will catch me saying, I loved my summer, but I do love my routine. It is with great excitement that I begin another year here at Tuscany Heights Elementary. I am starting my 9th year this fall, and together, we are celebrating 10 years of THE Traditions. I am very grateful for each one of you! Thank you for being on this journey with me at THE!

The author Jimmy Casas says, “We serve in a profession where we are blessed every day with the opportunity to help change the course of someone’s life with our words, actions, and our belief in their abilities.” I believe this to be true for the students you teach and the colleagues you share this building with each day. Thank you for your words, actions, and beliefs in the students & staff you meet this year.

We had a great year last year as we dove head first into STEAM in 4th & 5th grade, as well as many other grade levels. This year, we are moving forward with our 2nd and 3rd grades incorporating it into their curriculum. We opened our doors to almost 20 community members/career speakers so that students could see how the world we live in starts with the learning you are providing them here at THE. It was exciting and new! I look forward to seeing us take on more STEAM related activities, lessons, speakers, and fun! We are definitely in the learning process, and what better way to do it than being right next to the students as we learn too!

We are beginning our journey into Leader in Me recertification! This means, we are upholding all of the traditions we have been doing for 9 years. We are carrying the student leadership qualities and jobs into our 10th year. A wonderful tradition of excellence as we celebrate ten years as a Leader in Me School and 3 years as a Covey Lighthouse School. Thank you for holding students accountable and allowing them to LEAD. Goals, goals, and even more goals!

Our data results show hard work! It gives us specific strengths to celebrate and weaknesses as a campus to target for the upcoming school year. I am grateful for the data as it shares a starting point for all us to support one another school wide, as well as more individualized data for students in the upper grade levels. We are pleased with the strengths in our data, and we are excited to use this data to show growth this coming year.

Big picture

Thank you to all of our TEAM TUSCANY for initiating relationships, encouraging social emotional development for our students at all levels, building student leadership capacity, providing STEAM focused lessons, and being there for one another!

Again, welcome back to the Greatest Staff on Earth, and welcome to the Greatest NEW Staff!

In closing, Jimmy Casas says,

“Every educator, administrator, and support staff member must strive to be a merchant of hope. We may not get to decide which kids to serve, but we do get to decide the kind of climate in which we want to serve them.”

“Every student and every staff member deserves to work in an environment where they are given the opportunity to leave their legacy because someone is carrying a banner for them.”

“You choose how you want to approach each day, so carry the banner in a positive way bringing a positive voice to every conversation and every interaction.”

“All Staff members must carry the banner for their school in a positive light at all times.”

Thank you for carrying the Tuscany Heights Banner this year!

With a Grateful Heart,

Tara Bailey


Every Student. Every Day. Whatever It Takes.

Jimmy Casas

The Greatest NEW Staff on Earth

Greatest Staff Important Info (Action Items are bold)

Important Information

(Action Items are BOLD)

We are excited to kick off our 10th Anniversary this school year, The Greatest School on Earth, Tuscany Heights!

We have put together some important information for all staff, as well as a few action items (see highlighted areas for action items).

Join our Google Classroom with this code: jb3i0x

The building will be open soon for those of you wanted to get a jump start on your classrooms, get keys, and checkout technology. *YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ATTACHMENT WORKERS COMP FORM (drop off in my mailbox by my door). Please see the building schedule/checkouts below. If you are not ready, NO PROBLEM! You have until August 11th to continue your summer break!

The official return date for teachers: Monday, August 12th. Paraprofessionals return at various times (Clinic- 12th, Librarian- 13th, All other Paras- 15th). *All New Staff will be on campus August 9th to meet with administration (paras will be paid). Invite attached to email.

You will find attachments that will help support you as the year begins: New Teacher Orientation Info, Convocation Info & Seating Chart, Curriculum Day Assignments, First Week Agenda under the Big Top, and the District Video Expectations!

*These are all on posted in our Google Classroom as well. Please ensure the Video Assignment is completed by Sunday, August 31st. If you would like a hard copy, please email me.

Building Access

Building open as early as: Monday, July 29th

*If you are coming early, I do ask that you respect the office in allowing them to continue their work with minimal disruptions. These days are used to create classes, register students, complete orders, assign classrooms, and many other things in preparation of the start of the year. We appreciate your understanding!

Custodial Hours July 29th – August 9th @ 7am-6pm

Custodial Hours August 12th- until end of year @ 6:30am-10:30pm


Building WEEKEND hours WITH AIR:

Saturday, August 3rd @ 9am-4pm

Sunday, august 4th @ 9am-4pm

Saturday, August 10th @ 9am-4pm

Sunday, August 11th @ 9am-4pm

Staff Checkout Times

Key Checkout: (Yvette will handle key checkout in the front conference room.)

Monday, July 29th @ 8am-9am

Friday, August 2nd @ 10am-11am

Friday, August 5th @ 1pm-3pm

Monday, August 12th- As she is available!

Technology Checkout: (Counselors return on the 6th and will handle this in the tech room on the following days.)

Tuesday, August 6th @ 8am-10am

Wednesday, August 7th @ 8am-10am

Thursday, August 8th @ 8am-10am

Monday, August 12th- As they are available!

Teacher Rosters/Teacher Videos

Class Rosters: Action Item Noted Below

Class Rosters: When Stacy inputs pink/blue cards, parents can see the teacher assignment almost immediately in Skyward. Therefore, please have your video messaging email ready to send August 12th no later than 5pm. Parents will receive an eblast letting them know they can see teacher assignment in Skyward on Monday and to be looking for an email message from the teacher by the evening. Skyward will most likely beat your email message, but that is okay! Be sure that when you enter the emails for the parents that you do it as a Blind Copy so that parents can’t see everyone’s email.