World Geo Review

Seamus Meegan

provide an example showing how geography can affect a countries economic activities

Japan has fishing saudi arabia has oil

how do immigrants add to a diverse culture in a country

immigrants come in and combine cultures and it starts new customes

what event had the greatest impact on the political, economic, and culture elements of mexico?

the spanish conquisders brought there religion and customs so its the rival of the spanish conquesaders

what is a result of the global spread of american popular culture?

the spread of american popular culture is spreading out our language

what event led to the introduction of new foods to western europe

The columbian exchange

in what direction was the huge migration shift in america in the 1800s


how did the united states acquire their northern and southern borders

some of the borders were natural while others were man made
cooperation to increase economic between member nations
there was a transfer of new products and ideas increased economic groth
most of south america was able to gain there independence from 1790 to 1828
some eastern european countries are economicly, culturaly, and politically a line with russia
lack of trade
they were all turning away from communism
people migrated to western europe to search for equivlent and industrialized countries
the western goverment
they are devided by the sahara desert
because he led the struggle against aparthied
european colinization created cultural seperation and periods of dictatorship
they both fought for independence
the lack of infulstructure and the lack of money
it demonstrates that due to increase travel there is a spread of disease
there society has strong beliefs
the caribian was a stop along the middle passage
it kicked out dictators
arabs brought there religion and forced many africans to be muslims
conflict with neighbors