Animals under threat

something has to be done

Why do we need to save them?

The animals of the world are acturally very important to our worlds ecosystem. If we don't have any animals the world wouldn't function right.

Where dos the Snow Leopard live?

The snow leopard is a critically endangered animal. The snow leopard comes from the high rugged mountains of Central Asia. Snow leopards are also found in; Afganistan, India and china. Snow leopards live in the snow that is why they need thick, warm and fluffy fur.

What does it look like?

This amazing animal has white fur with grey spots, they are 240cm long. And are the largest endangered feline in the world. They also have the power to jump 15m in the air, The snow leopard also cannot roar.

Interesting facts

The snow leopards are carnivours, but they are most known for hunting. There are around 4000 - 6500 left in the world.
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