Education comes first

Jake Gaumer

What I have learned

I have learned that you can't get anywhere in life without education. Education sets up the succession in life. If you do bad in school, that means you can't live to your full potential. Others think that once they are adults, nothing is fun. This makes them think they need to goof off in school. But if you are successful with lots of money you can goof off when you are off work with your family.


The setting of my life is in Norwalk, Iowa 3rd-present. Norwalk is the best setting because this is where I grew up and where I met my friends. 3rd grade-present is the time period I started learning how important education is to me. I can't think of a better place and time than that.
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This is the norwalk football stadium next to the High school and middle school. Every grade uses the field for football, PE class when it is warm outside, and is also used as a soccer field.
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The auditorium is used by the choir, band, and drama class. We used to do student talent shows at the end of the year.
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Event #1

Last year I had a B- in a class because of a technical difficulty between a teacher and infinite campus. This gave me a 0% on my assignment. My mom was very upset with me because of my low grades. That made me want to improve my grades and make her happy. So I fixed the problem and got my grades up the next.

Event # 2

This year I have been helping others with math easily because of advanced math. Usually it involves helping with daily math lessons during study hall. Without advanced math, I wouldn't be able to help my friends with homework. Without me being intelligent I would be useless and would be a different person.

Event #3

My mom and dad make me retake any test or assignment that I get an 80% or lower for a grade. Usually it is on math test. Recently I got an 81% on my science essay. I had to take a lot of time thinking of ways to improve my essay. This makes me remember that it is important to do good the first time

Turning Point (Climax)

I think that the first event is the turning point because the thought of disappointing my parents makes me realize that education is important to my parents.